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0.7.5 For Android
Updated On:
2 22, 2024
74.1 MB
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Android 5.0+

Sonolus' android app gives you access to the world of sounds and graphics in real time. Apps like this one are simple to use, and you can make your own games using their service. In addition, you will be able to learn some new skills related to game development. You can share your game with your friends using the application's inbuilt features. The games you create can be played with your friends, or you can make your own.

The rhythm of music is the main protagonist of Sonolus, an innovative game and creation engine for mobile devices. Similarly to Guitar Hero, you'll have to follow the rhythm and play the notes as they come to you. To complete the level, you will need to use almost all of your fingers and coordinate perfectly.

There is a wide range of difficulty, and you can adjust it based on the song you want to play. In other words, it's the perfect game for everyone and you'll have a great time playing it. With Sonolus, you can de-stress or calm your mind for a few minutes by listening to your favorite songs while being distracted.

You can also create your own levels for the game by including your favorite songs through a system of scrips. Creating levels and songs in this game is very easy since the creators want anyone to be able to create and share their own song levels.

SONOLUS is a next-generation Mobile Rhythm Game that allows players and level designers maximum freedom. 

It can be used by friends who enjoy playing music games to modify game charts. Multi-language settings, custom setting themes, and custom selection servers are all available. Players who need it can download it as soon as possible because it is very simple to use!

What is Sonolus APK?

This is a new game platform app that focuses on rhythm games.  Any developer can develop and provide a rhythm game engine, and all the resources for Sonolus. 

The Sonolus audio game simulator is a new generation of audio game simulators. An engine, not an audio game, is used to simulate audio games. Rather than calling it a game, it is more appropriate to call it an engine. Sonolus Bangbang can also be played here, and players can create their own charts. Sonolus does not have specific gameplay, it is more like Osu! This game can be played by anyone, but everyone can add their own gameplay. To play any audio game, you only need a Sonolus.

With Sonolus APK, you can create your own mobile rhythm game with the best Audio Game Simulator. With the app, you can create your own game. With this app, you will be able to simplify your life. The game you create can be played with your friends. You can make your own game with your finger, and the game is straightforward. You can create and save your game on the cloud using the application.

Script Powered

  • Using a powerful and performant scripting system, you can create any rhythm game engine.
  • Whether you want to replicate an existing game or create a completely new engine, you can do it all.

Features Of Sonolous APK

Multilingual Available

The Sonolous APK is available in English, Greek, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Japanese, and Chinese. There is also Korean language support in the app.

Themes of dark and light

Users can choose between a dark and light theme in the game. A dark theme makes it easier to see the notes falling down the screen, while a light theme provides better visibility on bright screens. 3-4. Android 5+ and iOS 9+ compatible

Solution for low-latency audio

The app reduces audio data transmission's latency, making it more suitable for real-time performances. When you reduce the lag between what your fingers play and what you hear, you can perform at a higher level.

Make use of Direct Wheels

It uses a direct wheel instead of an indirect one, allowing you to use the device's touch screen as a piano keyboard. The feature is useful for those who want to play the game with one hand while holding their phone with the other.

Sound Effects & Artistic Assets replace

The high-quality versions replace the app's sound effects and creative assets. The poor quality of the original sounds will not affect your performance.

Automatic Data Backup

Backups are automatically created so that you don't have to worry about losing your data when you reinstall the game. You can use this feature if you want to switch to a new phone but don't have time to manually save your progress.

Personalize Your Experience

You can customize the appearance and feel of the game using the app. To make the game more like what you are used to on other platforms, you can choose from various themes and other visual assets.

How To Play?

You can begin playing Sonolus APK once you have downloaded it and installed it. The following is a quick overview of how to play:

  1. You can log in using your Google account or create a new one.
  2. Choose the difficulty level you prefer (easy, medium, or hard).
  3. You can set your preferences for music and sound effects.
  4. Tap on the screen to move around the board and begin playing.
  5. Along the way, you can collect coins, power-ups, and bonus items.
  6. You must navigate obstacles and enemies, solve puzzles, and avoid traps to complete levels.
  7. Throughout the game, you'll complete missions and collect rewards.
  8. Let your friends know about your achievements on social media or challenge them to beat your score!
  9. Experience points and leveling up will help you climb the leaderboards.
  10. With every successful mission, you'll unlock new levels, difficulties, and characters.

With Sonolus APK free download, you can enjoy this exciting game on your Android device for free.

Tips For Using Sonolus APK

The Sonolus APK provides a number of features to help you make the most of your mobile devices. You can make the most of these features by following these tips:

Make your experience more personal

With this exciting game, you can customize your home screen with live wallpapers and widgets that provide quick access to all information. To express yourself through your device's appearance, you can also select from a variety of themes.

Access Your Data

You can see which apps consume the most data and optimize your usage accordingly. Also, you can find out how much data certain apps use on a daily or monthly basis.

Improve security

Anti-theft measures are built into the app, including a pattern lock and remote control if your device is stolen or lost. Your device can also be set up to send you real-time notifications if it detects suspicious activity.

Data backups

Sonolus APK allows you to save your data securely on the cloud with its automatic backup feature. You can access your files and photos even if your device gets lost thanks to this feature.

Keep up-to-date

The app notifies you when a new Android update is available, so you can always keep your device up to date. Depending on what apps you use, it also recommends which apps to download.


Sonolus Apk is a powerful radio play simulator that lets users control their server and create custom designs. With its open-source system and emphasis on rhythm games, this game provides gamers with an exciting way to enjoy radio plays and music. Whether you play alone or with friends, this game is sure to provide an enjoyable experience. Don't miss out on the amazing world of radio play gaming! Try it today!

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