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2.0 For Android
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Jan 20, 2023
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Android 6.0+

It's Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2, the most ridiculous and insane battle simulator ever created! Create eye-watering battles with hundreds of thousands and even millions of characters! There is no limit to the size of an army in the Sandbox mode, which is far more flexible than ever. You can command your armies in RTS mode with drag-and-drop control, or play as any one of the units in first- or third-person. You can take part in multiple stories and player-driven campaigns, or you can create your own and share it with your friends! The FPS invasion will also return soon, where you play as a soldier fighting off hordes of zombies.

There is an elephant in the room that needs to be addressed! UEBS2 uses revolutionary crowd rendering and AI technology to bring nation-sized battles to life! It is the first game that uses GPU acceleration for every AI individual and all the crowd technology behind it. In comparison to its predecessor, UEBS2 handles 100 times more characters on screen, and in far greater detail and quality. All individuals have highly advanced decision-making and animation skills while working together towards a common goal.

The Army's control

You can create eye-watering battles with hundreds of thousands or even millions of characters! With infinite army sizes and far greater flexibility, sandbox mode will return. Play as any one of the units in 1st or 3rd person and command your armies in RTS mode with full drag select army control.

Crowd tech

Don't ignore the elephant in the room! This revolutionary new crowd rendering and AI technology use pure GPU power to bring nation-sized battles to life! Experience the first game that fully utilizes GPU acceleration for every AI individual and all crowd technology.

Detail and quality

There are 100 times more characters on screen in UEBS2 than in its predecessor, and these characters are far more detailed and high quality. Everyone worked together for a greater goal, displaying highly advanced decision-making and animation skills. Our own GPU-based physics engine is also under development. With physics on a scale never before seen, we hope to enable thousands of ragdolls and millions of physics-based objects. Please keep in mind that our physics engine is still in its infancy, so no guarantees can be made.

Stats of the combatants

A single unit can be controlled or the entire army can be positioned through the upward RTS mode. After that, you will be able to press a button to start the armed forces going after one another. On the other hand, they may wait around if you set them to hold rather than attack. Likewise, the troop thing seems a bit false in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 download PC. As clear as crystal, everything is.

Screen with over 1 million characters 

The difference is just a smidgen, however! In the event that the unit count is set at 1,000,000, somewhere around 996,000 or would appear Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2. It is hoped that greater advancement will allow us to reach the 1 million dream. When you assume command of a unit, you are able to move, run, and utilize a single assault. On the other hand, have them make a call to war sound. Single attacks for scuffle characters are disappointing and, sadly, dreadful to use.

From the start, it seems like the shotgunners will win, but the Spartans pay with their blood for every step they take. 2,000 full auto shotguns simply aren't enough to defeat 1,000,000 decided Spartans after 15 minutes. As in the Battle of Thermopylae, the daring troopers are eventually brought somewhere near a much bigger enemy. However, the Spartans were dwarfed at Thermopylae.

With Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2, you can download free characters with weapons. The weapons are greatly overwhelmed. Starting off a battle between went armed forces will simply result in a light show where the better units dissolve their objectives. Those five John Wicks wiped out 100,000 zombies in a blink of an eye, too. It is such the force of firearm trust skirmish movesets are developed, as they absolutely love to meander into the center of a swarm and simply tear it apart.

Engage in large-scale battles

Custom units can be created and their well-being, damage, assault ranges, and different limits can be greatly increased. Like all the other things, it's really simple. While UEBS2 does not run well, by and large, it does so much better than it probably deserves. Even if there is a million characters duking it out, getting 40 fps shouldn't even be an issue, particularly since this isn't an ongoing interaction game.

In case you're looking to just toss insane militaries at each other, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 download free might be for you. The other players should keep an eye on the missions, but that shouldn't take too long since the game is only set to remain in EA for a couple of months. The game should feel like a decent Dynasty Warriors game. After conveying your soldiers to the guide, you should simply begin the fight and watch it unfold.

Taking a first-person perspective

There are a set number of characters in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 Download, as well as verifiable units, creatures and dream creatures, all of which have their own special abilities and weapons. Assuming its ancestor has shown us anything, it's that there's a lot of local area support through mods and updates to keep this strategy game fresh. Units can be conveyed to the combat zone voluntarily.

Simulation of ragdoll effects

As soon as the showdown begins, you won't have the option to do anything but move the camera, so you won't miss a single detail. The game Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 Download requires you to constantly rehash the fight if you're crushed. If you win, you'll jump to the next fight with all of the gold you've accumulated and some extra as an award. In order to butcher a crowd with skirmish assaults, it would take some time.

You can likewise enlist mounted forces, introduce launchers and guns, and even engage ninjas and monsters if your gold stores allow it. Here is a key to any wargame: the bowmen should generally be in the back, protected from the opponent's spearmen, while the cavalry should be on the bleeding edges to bring down the infantry right away. In case you would like to play more games like this one, you can download the game Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2.

An advanced multiplayer ranking system

Although this recording looks promising, some doubt whether Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 Download deserves to be in early access. Several people have argued that the act of destroying games that takes on it, and there are concerns that Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 may suffer similar problems. Despite the postponements, there have been a number of imperfections in the game's current state, and it may take some time for these defects to be addressed.

Whether it's the most engaging ongoing interaction or the most stunning visuals, the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 offers a direct and engaging experience. Each game has a specific objective: large, ludicrous battles between powers who could never have encountered one another in real life. Following its postponement in the fall and initial alpha delivery, Brilliant Games Studios appears to be taking as much time as necessary to improve interaction.

The sounds and music are awesome

You can download Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 for free to experience a progression of epic levels after beating 50 ordinary fights. You can also play online if you don't find the fights against the enough. You can also purchase jewels to help you work on all the units in every single free game. You can also get precious stones for free, with the perspiration and blood of your men, or by watching advertisements from outsiders.

Basically, this wargame intends to offer a good time, with a basic and available interactivity that is great for playing fast, short adjustments. In light of the fact that so many studios are experiencing exhaustion and crunching to meet deadlines, that's a decent sign. Even though no official delivery date has been announced at this point, putting the game up for public testing shows the designer needs to continue working on the game while still offering something to fans.

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