BitAIM APK Android Free Download

3.6.73 For Android
Updated On:
Feb 29, 2024
27.8 MB
Required Android:
Android 7.0+

BitAIM APK is an AI tool for objective support that enables extremely accurate predictions of direct and direct shots and multiple collisions of coins.

It uses your screen image and image recognition technology for future simulation before playing the recording.

It will help you practice all carom master shorts and make you a professional carom player

BitAIM for Carrom Pool is a tool application intended for practice only. Please do not use it in big competitions.

What is BitAIM APK?

It has already been mentioned that Bitime is an upgraded version of the new A1EM service/compensation tool / new A1IM app that allows players to improve their gaming skills through the use of BitIM, a combination of advanced high-tech image recognition. , Can improve.

The main purpose of the BitAIM application is to improve the game skills of the players. As such, it is recommended that players use BTM only for a free trial.

If you are interested in a board game i-e Carrom and 8 pool ball and want to predict your kickbacks in advance, you have to install and download a new version of "BTM". Your Android phone and tab.

In this modern age, you know that games are equally popular with Android and iOS customers around the world.

Players want to know about the latest / advanced techniques, devices, and materials to cope with the game, or they will need to spend a small amount for this purpose.

This article will tell you which third-party application is beneficial for players who are interested in car games and other board games, and which are in-direct, direct, and. Will give suitable acceptable results. A number of sports-related coins crash/bump.

Features of BitAIM APK

BitAIM is a cutting-edge AI system designed specifically for carrom players who want to improve their skills. It has the following features:

Practicing master shots

Among the master shots offered by the app are cannons, follow shots, bank shots, and many others. You will gain an understanding of the nuances of each shot and improve your accuracy and precision by using advanced AI algorithms to analyze your gameplay and provide real-time feedback on your shots.

Adaptable Difficulty Levels

Based on their skill level and progress, players can customize the difficulty levels. A challenging practice session will gradually improve your skills, regardless of whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player. Adjust the difficulty settings accordingly.

Interactive training sessions

Players can practice different shots, like break shots, defensive shots, and finishing shots, in different settings to improve their skills and learn how to play the game strategically.

Continuous Performance Tracking

BitAIM APK provides players with comprehensive performance-tracking features, enabling them to identify their strengths and weaknesses over time.

An intuitive user interface

An easy-to-use interface provides a seamless and enjoyable user experience. With its clean and visually appealing layout, it offers a seamless and enjoyable user experience.


Does bitAIM+ support Android 7 or below?

As for Android 7, our service supports it; however, below Android 7, our service does not support it.

BitAIM+ and Luluox can we use together?

The New bitAIM version is called bitAIM+ and it has the feature Lulubox Line Extended. You must turn it on before you use Lulubox.

Does bitAIM+ support iOS?

The bitAIM+ service is only available to Android users.

How Much Does It Cost To Activate Indirect And Premium Shots?

Indirect and direct shots are free, but premium shots must be purchased.

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