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App By:
JoyBits Ltd.
1.25.0 For Android
Updated On:
Thg2 29, 2024
749 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

There are four basic elements, an empty planet, and plenty of time. The Universe was not created by these alone. You will also need to use your imagination and intelligence to create hundreds of new elements for your planet as you combine air, water, fire, and earth!

Mix and match different elements to build an entire universe in this addictive puzzle & world-building game. Watch your 3D world come alive with amazing animation as you create new elements. Beware, the power of creation may have unintended consequences; inventing the wheel may cause a zombie plague or a powerful volcano eruption.

We are all here together on this cosmic journey, so don't worry! When you complete a successful creation, you'll gain access to some of the best philosophers and comedians of all time.

To solve the mystery - and ultimately complete the puzzle - you will need to apply all of your creative talents. In addition, Life itself needs support. Please don't feel pressured, Creator:)

Features of Doodle God Universe APK

A planet, four basic elements, and plenty of time are all you have to create the universe. You will also need to use your imagination and intellect as you combine air, water, fire, and earth to create hundreds of new elements that will give life to your planet!


As you mix and match different elements, watch your 3D planet come alive in amazing animation.


You'll receive the wit and wisdom of some of history's greatest philosophers and comedians every time you create a new item.

You will be encouraged to keep creating by the Voice.


You've lost Halloween. All the essential items have disappeared. Well, you'll have to recreate the holiday using what you have available.

Build the team of heroes and defeat the monster. Explore new elements and the world. Save the Princess. The King's daughter has been taken by the Dragon. You will need to save her from the monster.

Stay tuned for more quests, puzzles, and missions!


The main game must be completed and all elements must be opened to unlock this NEW mode. The New Game+ mode lets you replay the game from the beginning. Find missing reactions & earn up to 250,000 bonus points. Earn extra points for each new reaction you miss during your first playthrough. The Doodle God Universe Champion will be crowned a Hero!


With each new element, reaction, or hint, you'll earn points, which can boost your value as a creator.

What is New?

- Easter Bunny has hidden the eggs already!

- New elements and reactions are added

- Stability improvements

- Visual improvements

- More content updates are coming soon!

Thanks for playing and your continued support

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