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เม.ย. 27, 2566
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Secret Neighbor APK is a live horror stealth game developed by Russian video game studio Dynamic Pixels and published by LittleBuild. The goal of the game is to sneak into the basement of a neighboring house to successfully get out of a secret. The artificial intelligence of the game changes the behavior of the neighbor based on the player's previous actions, e.g. B. Setting traps along the paths the player had followed in the previous attempt.

In Secret Neighbor APK, the player is confronted by a mysterious neighbor in a new building who pretends to be crazy and seems to be hiding in his basement. The player's task is to solve a series of puzzles to enter the neighbor's house and unlock the basement and collect the items needed to use it. When a player searches for a neighbor's house, he is invisible to a mysterious neighbor, or if the player is in no hurry to hide or flee, he is chased and caught. The player can also easily surprise the neighbor by throwing objects at him to escape.

If the player is caught, they are sent back to their home and have to break again. When restarting, the player must be more careful as the last attempt to set a trap nearby will reduce movement. However, the player can use game settings to enable friendly neighbor mode, which prevents the neighbor from setting up these websites and making them less aggressive in their search.

The game is played from a first-person perspective, and the player must discharge some of the objects so that they can interact with them or throw or use the object they currently have. Inventory can hold up to four items. The same type of objects cannot be put together in one slot.

About Secret Neighbor APK

A child named Nikki Roth is playing in the street when she hears a scream from her neighbor's house. Nikki examines and sees how the neighbor locks the guy in his basement. Nikki then went to the neighbor's house, found the key to the basement, and entered. He notes that a neighbor has turned his cellar into an underground cellar, but there are no signs of inmates. Nikki then meets Mr. Peterson, a neighbor, and he is captured. Nikki woke up and there was a blackout in the neighbor's basement. He manages to escape from his cell and reach the surface, only to find out that the neighbor has erected a huge fence around his property so that he cannot escape. Nikki is forced to solve many puzzles to find a way to escape from the neighbor's property. Once he crosses the fence, he goes back to his home, although Mr. Peterson is not giving up.


Nikki, now grown up, is awake in her apartment. He has moved out of his apartment and decided to return to his old family home. He finds his old house in disrepair, while the neighbor's house is nothing but a ruin. While inspecting Nicky's remains, he sees a dark shadow animal and returns to his home, where he falls asleep. He notices from the baby's cries and quickly that the neighbor's house is back, but now it is bigger, more complex, and more real than before. There are real experiences like Nikki walking around the house and learning to double jump by squeezing it and trying to turn on a light that is not out of reach. Eventually, he enters the basement, which is now older and more real.

Features of Secret Neighbor APK

We will now discuss some of the exciting features of this game:


With the Secret Neighbor android app, players can form squads to search for the basement key and avoid being captured in an attempt to find it. You can play a detective or engineer when you're an intruder, for example, you can transport children or take on the role of an excavator when you play the detective.


You can also play as a Neighbor and have a completely different job, which is kidnapping children and trying to stop players from finding them.


In the houses and the basement, the keys are hidden. All you need to do now is find the keys to unlock the basement.


Even if you are caught by your Neighbor. It will be difficult to get rid of it. Once you have been watched by a neighbor.


Here are the roles you can choose from:

  • Detective: record important events for the group.
  • Bagger: Responsible for transporting the children.
  • Engineer: Design cool gadgets to defeat the neighbor using gear items.
  • Unknown Neighbor: Disrupt the kids' plans by preventing them from reaching the basement.
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