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янв 20, 2023
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The challenge is finding the right balance for doing a wheelie for a long distance.

Make your friends jealous by doing amazing stunts on your bike!


Bike enthusiasts understand the beauty of a good bike. A high-tech motorbike with advanced suspension systems will fuel your adrenaline rush for a supreme riding experience.

Furthermore, only a good bike can allow you to perform breathtaking tricks. For the rider to perform showy stunts & wheelies, the bike must provide substantial stability & control.

A game such as Wheelie Life 2 APK for Android is one of them. You can perform mind-boggling stunts and wheelies with this unique showpiece that brings your favorite bikes to life.

There are smooth roads and gorgeous surroundings that evoke the senses. During cornering, you must be vigilant to prevent the bike from slipping out of control and crashing.

There are also multiple bikes in the garage that can be upgraded to improve performance. Featuring advanced gameplay physics, it provides a real-life biking experience that'll keep you hooked!


With Wheelie Life 2 APK, the production team has made a great effort to move its vast audience from a 2D to a 3D wheelie game concept. Wheelie Life 2 APK for Android has the following features.

Ride your bike as free as a bird with Wheelie Life 2 APK latest version. Enjoy the scenic locations of this game while overspeeding bikes and performing wheelies.

When players join, they can choose between simple "Play" and "Online". As soon as you start the game, you will be able to ride your motorbike.

To help their audience enjoy the essence of motorbike riding, Ak.dev has kept the controls straightforward. A total of five buttons are located on the screen, making it easy to control the motorcycle.

On the left, there are two buttons for handling the bike. Contrary to this, the buttons on the right allow you to accelerate, decelerate, and wheelie.

The Wheelie Life 2 APK features realistic graphics and physics at the same time. As a result, you'll be experiencing the feeling of riding a bike in real life while playing a video game.

You can start riding the motorcycle and performing wheelies immediately after joining. Be careful on the road, as a single mistake could result in "Game Over".

In case of an accident, such as hitting a wall or performing a wheelie, the game will automatically stop. Don't worry, you can rejoin the game by clicking on the "respawn" button and starting over from the beginning.

The latest version of Wheelie Life 2 APK also includes an "Online" mode that lets players show off their wheelie skills in a digital environment that offers beautiful scenery. Download Wheelie Life 2 APK and experience a realistic 3D bike racing experience. Start your bike ride full of adventure and excitement.

Features of Wheelie Life 2 APK 

  • Make Your Bike Yours: As soon as you unlock a new bike in the garage, you can customize it with a variety of cosmetic items. You can, for instance, change the bike's color, rim, and other accessories.
  • Physics in a realistic game: There is a high level of stability and control in this game due to its realistic gameplay physics. As you perform stunts and wheelies, you'll feel the bike's weight. Due to this, ramps, sharp corners, and other obstacles must be avoided when riding.
  • A stunning environment: Every environmental detail has been carefully designed to complement the game's aesthetics. There are winding roads, beautiful sunsets, and rural landscapes to explore.
  • Online Mode: A competitive game mode tests your skills against other players. You will compete in races, time trials, and other challenges that will test your bike-riding skills.
  • Mode Freestyle: You can perform stunts for the audience in this casual mode. You must impress your friends or fellow players with show-stopping moves and combos. No time limit is set, so you can take your time and perfect your skills.
  • A fantastic bike mechanic: A variety of bikes with varying features and play styles are available in the game. There are bikes with hefty suspensions, off-road tires, as well as speed and agility.
  • Easily controlled game: Minimalistic controls make the game easy to learn and use. To control the bike at high speeds, perform tricks, and avoid obstacles, you only need a finger. For casual gamers, its simple controls make it a great choice.
  • Engaging soundscapes: To enhance its gameplay, the game carefully blends different soundtracks. The light beat of a hip-hop song to an upbeat rock track will immerse you in hypnotic rhythms.

Balance the wheelie technique

Wheelie Life 2 puts the player on a racing motorcycle and begins a motorcycle race on a long-term track, just like in real life.

The best way to get as many points as possible is to continuously perform Wheelies while also adjusting the motorcycle so that it always lands on balance after somersaults.

Playing Wheelie Life 2 is quite easy due to its simple operation, encapsulated in a few virtual buttons. It is not easy, however, to master the game far into it. A game like this requires an understanding of the motorcycle's operating principles, the principles of balance on the track, and how to deal with the sometimes frustrating Realistic Physics.

Minigame with highly realistic physics

If you run a long enough distance, gain momentum, use the clutch as a pillar, brake quickly to raise the motorcycle's head high, rotate or stay there for a few seconds, and then land gently, the vehicle retains its balance. Continue the track and wait for the right time to continue another Wheelie. The whole process is simulated by Wheelie Life 2's highly realistic physics engine. As a result, you'll enjoy everything as it is in real life. Track reaction and the bike's reaction to wheelies reflect the true difficulty of this technique.

You won't be able to create spectacular Wheelie scenes if the motorcycle doesn't have enough momentum. When the clutch is not stable enough, the wheel will drop down very quickly before you can do any more techniques. It's probably the hardest part of the technical part to keep the balance when the front wheel hits the ground. Using real physics, you will be wobbly, bounced by gravity, and unable to maintain compaction to keep the motorcycle steady. This is the time of year when motorcycles are most likely to flip and fall.

Customizing a motorcycle

Similarly to other racing games, Wheelie Life 2 allows players to accumulate money by completing complex Wheelie levels. The harder the technique, the more points you get. With enough points, you can unlock new skins for the motorcycle. A different paint color will add an extra element of excitement to the stunts.

Game modes

You can play Wheelie Life 2 in Free Mode like you are practicing your Wheelie technique, no win or loss, no limits, just you beating your own record on many roads and different races.

You can play Wheelie Technique Online against players around the world if you enjoy competition. Compare your wheelie moves to those of your opponent. Learn how to wheelie and perfect your skills. If you are confident in your technique and want to challenge yourself more, this is also a fun game mode.

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