Test Server Codm Season 10 APK 2022

Test Server Codm Season 10 APK 2022 Android Free download

Version: For Android
Updated On:
окт 15, 2022
800 MB
Required Android:
Android 4.4+

Now you can download the new Call of Duty: Mobile season 10 test server build for both Android and iOS. A lot of exciting new features and game content will be introduced in this update. These will enhance the gameplay experience for players. Chinese players are currently participating in the test, but it will be available to all users around the globe in the near future. Once you download this application, you will have a limited amount of time to test it and its upcoming features because there is a time limit. As a result, you should get started right away.

New Content in CODM Test Server

The Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10 test server has been released, and users can't help but ponder over its new features. As well as the Christmas update, this article includes features that will be present in season 10. During the Christmas update, maps and skins were themed around the holiday season. The developers have promised to introduce a number of new features in the Season 10 test server, some of which are as follows:

  • New Score streak
  • New Equipment
  • Weapon Optimizations
  • BR Optimizations
  • New MP Modes
  • Application improvements and features

It should be noted that not all of these features will be available at first. Some of these features may be incomplete, and some may be missing, but they will all be completed during the testing period.

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