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Hiker Games
1.0 アンドロイド用
11 05, 2022
49.2 MB
Android 5.0+

Play one of the best 7554 action games in which you kill your enemies as an FPS. In this commando game, you will be able to experience enemy shooting thrills in some of the most challenging and thrilling missions. This commando game features different challenging missions with increasing enemies. This game has different modern guns available for you to choose from and start killing brutal enemies. The enemies will also have modern guns, they will attack you smartly, but you can protect yourself by hiding behind the hurdles. To complete the mission, you need to stay safe and shoot all the enemies. A realistic 3D war zone environment has been designed for you to experience real-time enemy shooting. Be ready for the modern commando game.

In this enemy-target shooter game, your mission is to find and kill enemies. The most important thing is to protect yourself from their attacks. Whenever you come into the enemy's target, they will shoot you, and the level will fail. Find them carefully and shoot them.

About 7554 APK

This 7554  APK game is set during the resistance war. In the game, the plot revolves around the famous battle of Dien Bien Phu. As a red-blooded Vietnamese person selling for sale, this Dien Bien Phu battle is not too strange to you. This game transforms you into brave soldiers who rush to the battlefield to protect the country's peace.

You transform into real historical characters in this 7554 Online game. As a player, you will have the chance to live like they once did and fight as if you were a real hero. As a result of their intense patriotism, these soldiers will rush into the battlefield without regard for life or death. It will give players feelings they will not be able to experience in peacetime. Here is a game to experience the tough times a real soldier has faced.


7554 Mobile is a shooting game in which you will experience life as a real combat soldier. During that historical battle, you will be a scout tasked with detecting and destroying the enemy. You will find a lot of useful features in this game. To help you navigate and move easily, the navigation tools and map will be displayed on the screen.

A simulation game that sells guns and creates a vivid battlefield for players. As a result, you will always have teammates by your side. All of these teammates are genuine players, so interaction with each other and good coordination are essential.

Features of 7554 APK

The following are some of the most attractive features of 7554:

  • Finding enemies with a GPS system
  • A 3D environment that is most attractive is provided
  • Guns of different powers can be used simultaneously
  • To make the target more visible, zoom in
  • Setting the right position of enemies with the aim of the facility
  • The best Artificial Intelligence has been implemented against enemies
  • A variety of levels to make you the best enemy fighter
  • Blocks or hurdles to tracking you right toward the enemy

The mission system in game 7554

Game 7554 begins with the days of national resistance in 1946 and ends with the battle of Dien Bien Phu.

  • Mission 1: Deciding to die for the Fatherland to decide to live
  • Mission 2: Road 4 of Death
  • Mission 3: Barefoot and steely
  • Mission 4: The rain of umbrellas
  • Mission 5: Medal Hill
  • Mission 6: Steel Fist
  • Mission 7: The sky is on fire
  • Mission 8: The Rats of Nam Ron
  • Mission 9: Divide the Fire
  • Mission 10: Decisive victory
  • Mission 11: Final Peak
  • Mission 12: Earthquake

The content of game 7554 is based on the heroic history of our nation, so as a young Vietnamese, there is no reason not to trust and support it. A quality like this. Now that we have the game 7554 downloaded, let's play it.

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