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5.65 For Android
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अगस्त 21, 2023
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Android 5.0+

As ragdoll was becoming an irritant for gamers, Toribash shows them why it's the best thing since shaded pixels." - PC Format

PC Gamer UK: "Great physics; the best PC fighting game since Rag Doll Kung Fu."

Toribash is a free online turn-based fighting game where you can design your own moves. You move your character by controlling joints on their bodies in a martial arts simulator (yes, we call a game with full-body dismemberment a simulator). With four different states for each, the number of possible moves is almost endless, which makes fights fascinating.

About Toribash APK

Toribash is a non-standard fighting game featuring some unique mechanics based on "free combat". In some ways, this fighting game can be considered strategic because it is turn-based. Players control the joints of a humanoid ragdoll in order to inflict as much damage as possible on their opponent. The main idea behind the gameplay is to give the player maximum control over their character.

Toribash's biggest feature is that it is extremely hardcore. When participants gain experience (similar to leveling up), they must compete against opponents of a higher class when playing multiplayer mode. Local fighters are nothing more than a cluster of spheres and cubes. Among the 20 spheres, each represents a group of joints and muscles. You will not be prepared to manage them if you have no experience in the fighting game genre.

There is no need to memorize button combinations here. Players select spheres and order them to move in one of two directions while the game remains paused. A ghost outline shows how the movement will take place. As soon as gameplay resumes, the character follows the assigned movements for a moment before pausing again for further adjustments.

An immobile opponent must be knocked down or injured without touching the ground on their own, which is very difficult. There are six different styles of fighting in the game, including sumo and wushu, but the controls have nothing to do with them. Variables such as gravity, ease of dismemberment, duration between pauses, and more are presets rather than variables.


Toribash uses physics-based simulation for its turn-based gameplay. By using various joints, players can move, rotate their character. Predetermined moves can be previewed before they are executed. A single-player campaign and multiplayer matches are included in the software. The gameplay in Toribash download for free is deep and challenging. You can use many different moves and fighting styles, but the learning curve is steep. Once players learn the ropes, gameplay becomes highly rewarding. Stratification possibilities are endless in these intense, exciting matches. There is always someone to play against in the online community, and the gameplay is so unique, challenging, and enjoyable that it is always fun to play. Various game modes keep things interesting, and simple but effective graphics ensure that soft never becomes boring.

Features of Toribash APK

  • Fights with players around the world that are completely unique
  • Character customization: body colors, textures, flames, hair and more!
  • Event Squad hosts daily knockout tournaments
  • There are a lot of in-game and forum events
  • Mod Maker allows you to modify the environment and characters
  • You can trade any of your items with your friends or just give them away for free!
  • The name of a game genre that is extremely long


For free multiplayer in Toribash, you can use either the game's built-in server browser or a third-party game server. In a single match, the software supports up to sixteen players. It has a variety of game modes, including deathmatches, team deathmatches, and clan matches. This is a great option for multiplayer games. Matches are fast-paced, intense, and require a lot of strategy. There are always plenty of matches available online due to the large and active community. The multiplayer in Toribash is excellent. You can choose from a variety of game modes, and the online community is active and friendly. The gameplay is so unique, that it's a lot of fun to play against other players, and the multiplayer aspect keeps it exciting and fresh.


Due to the many different fighting styles and moves available in Toribash free download, the game is highly replayable. Mods and servers are available for the game, which keeps it fresh and exciting. It's a great game that will keep players entertained for hours on end. There is a high level of replayability in Toribash free play. With physics-based gameplay, there are a lot of game modes to choose from. To make each character unique, players are able to customize clothing and body modifications.

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