VMOS 64 Bit APK Android Free Download

2.0.0 For Android
Updated On:
Feb 25, 2023
22.7 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.1+

VMOS APK is a virtual machine capable of activating the root with one click. VMOS can be used in VMOS as a regular application for Linux or Android systems. It is both an emulator and a one-click application cloner. Also, VMOS is not controlled by the host system.

What is VMOS APK?

VMOS APK is a virtual Android application that offers users the best features to use the services of a dual Android smartphone or tablet on a single device. It provides the most advanced features and services for users.

There is an official facial version available on the market that allows users to access unrestricted free services. Therefore, premium users have more features available, so you have to use all the services. This purchase process is not possible for everyone, so we are here with this app.

We always bring something with us that gives everyone access to it without wasting money. Along with this application, we have also brought the best application which makes all the chargeable and blocked functions of the application available to you for free.

Features of VMOS APK

  • Two Accounts Online: running two social accounts, staying on one device, and working.
  • VMOS comes with a root environment: various root game assistants. Cell phone enthusiasts need it
  • Application Background Running: Completely independent system without affecting the management of the reception. Never part.
  • Customizable Resolution: Define your own height, width, and DPI and record a previously set resolution


What is the difference between VMOS and cloud phones?

Resource consumption is the biggest difference between VMOS and cloud mobile phones.

Cloud mobile phones derive all their performance parameters from merchants, you can only adjust the internet speed.

On the other hand, VMOS is entirely dependent on the performance of the real machine.

What is the purpose of asking so many permissions from VMOS?

All these permissions are needed to simulate a real phone better.

In VMOS, we are asking for specific permissions so users can use apps that require those permissions. (Android 5.1 asks for all permissions before installing apps)

  • Floating window permission: To play virtual machines on real machines.
  • Storage permissions: Because the virtual machine contains no data, and the local file needs to be transferred. This permission will only be used for file transfers.
  • Recording permission: The recording permission will only be used during voice transmissions and calls.
  • Permissions for Camera: This permission will only be used when using the camera, such as scanning QR codes, taking photos, and making video calls.
  • Device information: Since VMOS has no device information by default, you must obtain the device information of the real machine to create a matching virtual machine. These data contain sensitive information, but we do not upload or collect them.
  • Telephone rights: The device information such as IMEI of some mobile phones is permission.

Can you tell me why the background run App drops, kills, black screens, reboots, etc.?

The phone's memory is exhausted and the system kills it.

If the storage is insufficient, one of these two machines will be killed, for example, the virtual machine will open a game, and the real machine will also run the game.

Battery optimization has been added, the system detects high power consumption automatically.

The system then kills the process by default.

A whitelist would be added to the battery optimization of the real machine settings to solve this problem.

Why can't I connect WIFI?

WIFI hardware information has been penetrated, and a list of nearby WLANs has been created (but we cannot select from the list of WLANs, it should be done in the real system).

As we move forward, we will not stop.

What is the problem with connecting Bluetooth?

Please connect Bluetooth devices (headphones, watches, gamepads, etc.) to your real system.

As with the real system, VMOS has the same Bluetooth environment.

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