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You can support your health habits and reach your weight loss goals with grace, ease, and happiness by changing your internal dialogue and mindset. Fitness contributor to the Today Show offers workouts, yoga, Pilates, motivation, and more.

Step It Up with Stephanie offers viewers a weekly dose of diet and fitness instruction as well as holistic solutions to lifestyle problems that plague women every day, such as weight loss, low energy, menopause, or career burnout. Stephanie Mansour and her team provide each guest with personalized diets and workouts in each episode.

About Step It Up With Steph App

The Emmy-nominated Step It Up with Steph program is a weekly dose of fitness, food, and lifestyle entertainment that helps viewers to regain control of their health and wellness. The six-episode series is hosted by Chicago's own celebrity health fitness expert, Stephanie Mansour, who is a regular contributor to national television and cable programs, including the Today show, CNN, and Dr. Oz. In each episode, Steph meets a guest who is struggling with a health or lifestyle issue and provides guidance and advice on how to make changes in her life, with a reveal of the guest's transformation four weeks later. Steph also asks random everyday people how they deal with a specific health/fitness issue in a fun "take it to the street" segment. Also included are weekly workout sessions centered around the main topic of each episode, as well as informative kitchen segments featuring advice from dietitians.

Features of Step It Up With Steph App

  • Multiple-day courses
  • Full-length Classes for Any Level
  • Daily inspirational quotes
  • Keep track of your progress with your user profile
  • Daily Reminder Settings

Your subscription will automatically renew. Therefore, it will automatically renew unless you go to your account settings to manage your subscription and turn it off. Managing subscriptions is as follows:

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  3. Choose Subscriptions.

Step It Up with Steph Episode by Episode

Weight Loss With Age (#101)

Our guest, Denene, had previously been able to lose weight, but as she has gotten older, it has become increasingly difficult for her.

Picture Perfect (#102)

You can exhibit perfectionism in many areas of your life.

Boost Your Energy (#103)

Medical conditions can contribute to fatigue and low energy, but our guest Shaya says she's fine medically but just feels low energy all the time.

Reinvent Yourself (#104)

Lisa was in her mid-40s when she decided to reinvent herself after her divorce.

Dealing With Menopause (#105)

We've brought in a Gynecologist who specializes in this unique time in a woman's life to help Christy readjust her hormone levels, reduce hot flashes, and lose weight.

Drive Your Career (#106)

Diana says the rough patch in her career is destroying her self-esteem and self-care.


When you have a positive, healthy mindset, you'll be able to make long-lasting, sustainable changes to your lifestyle.


Food variety is important for a balanced, healthy diet. It can also reduce the risk of nutritional deficiencies and improve overall health.


Including fitness and exercise in your daily routine helps to create a healthy lifestyle, boost energy levels, and burn calories. Regular physical activity also helps to improve your metabolism, build muscle mass, and reduce body fat.


Contains a variety of motivational features, including daily reminders and messages from Steph. These are designed to keep you on track and motivated!

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