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Feb 08, 2023
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Snowboarding down a mountain at over 60 miles per hour, jumping off ramps that launch you 40-50 feet in the air, and a multitude of tricks and combinations await you in SSX Tricky. After releasing SSX last year, EA Sports pulled off a trick by following up with a sequel that outperformed an already excellent game. As with SSX Tricky, which is loaded with bonuses and features to unlock, SSX Tricky will appeal to audiences who do not know much about snowboarding. The game has been completely redone, improving on the previous title by adding new dimensions that will cause as much excitement as the original. The SSX Tricky is one of the best skateboards on the market; unless you have a fear of snow, you'll want this one on your list for Christmas.

Why is SSX Tricky APK?

A simulation snowboarding game like SSX Tricky is the epitome of this genre. This snowboarding simulator is designed to give you a truly authentic snowboarding experience.

Excellent graphics perfectly capture the beauty of snowy terrains in the game. There is also a lot of detail in the characters. Playing the game will make you feel like you're in it.

From the controls to the tricks, every aspect of the game has been carefully designed. As a result, it is one of the most hypnotic and exciting mobile games available.

There is also a lot of challenges in the game. You will have to put all your skills and abilities to the test. You will participate in large-scale tournaments as you progress. Is it possible for you to earn the coveted title of champion snowboarder? Get the game now and give it a try.


SSX Tricky has a similar structure to the original. In the world circuit, for example, six other racers compete for the top three positions. Each snowboarder has its own attributes, but the game also shows how friendly or unfriendly each opponent is, so you'll know who to watch out for. In the next race, if you take out your enemies, they will be less friendly to you.

There are three rounds in each circuit, which must be raced consecutively. Those who finish in third place or better are eligible to advance to the semi-finals and finals. The next course can be unlocked if you finish better than the fourth in the final round. Moreover, you will also earn a medal that unlocks other features and experience points for your snowboarder.

The courses themselves have been greatly improved, and it is almost impossible to recognize them from their previous forms. There are shortcuts galore, along with interesting new designs that make them more dynamic by allowing for different routes and jumping angles. To further distinguish this game, two new courses were added called Garibaldi and Alaska. There are near-vertical sections and large drops on these courses, creating a new terrain experience.

In order to add extra color, the characters were all voiced and portrayed by celebrities. Eddie, for instance, was created using David Arquette's voice and persona, while Elise was created using Lucy Liu's. Aside from Billy Zane and Oliver Platt, other actors were also used to add personality and depth to the game.

The trick system is one of the exciting new aspects of the game, along with the celebrity voices. You can now spin and flip to your heart's content with this new revamped system. A fakie, in which you land with your back foot forward, and a late, in which you hit one last trick before landing, are also possible, increasing the number of tricks that can be performed. Sometimes, you'll find yourself creating new moves with various combinations of tricks, even riding rails. Uber tricks, however, provide the main thrill. Even the most experienced snowboarder will be amazed by these tricks when the Uber disk is rotating. It is also worth watching each snowboarder's unique Uber trick.

Features of SSX Tricky APK

  • Superior Gameplay: Every aspect of this game mimics real-world snowboarding. There will be a world circuit, different events, and tournaments to keep you engaged. The controls have also been designed to give you an authentic experience.
  • Outstanding Visuals: Excellent 3D graphics are featured in the game. There is also a great deal of detail and design in the courses. Even shortcuts can be explored!
  • Characters with varying traits: Competitors will keep you on your toes. Each character has unique characteristics that affect their performance on the slopes. The other will be out to win at all costs, while some will be friendly.
  • The enhanced courses: You will experience the most extreme courses here. There are a variety of challenges to choose from. Moreover, the latest version of the game includes Alaska and Garibaldi courses, which are some of the steepest and most unpredictable terrains around!
  • Celebrities Voicing: Characters were voiced by renowned celebrities. Eddie was voiced by David Arquette and Elise was voiced by Lucy Liu. In addition to Oliver Platt and Billy Zane, other actors contributed to the voicing.
  • Trick System with High Functionality: There are advanced tricks involving extreme flipping and spinning in the game. As an example, Fakie challenges you to land with your back foot forward, while Late challenges you to perform more tricks before landing. Playing the game becomes more engaging as you perform more tricks in the air.

A Four-Mode Experience

The four main game modes in SSX Tricky are:

  • Freeride – To familiarize themselves with the different courses, players can play Freeride. Besides enjoying yourself, there's no goal here. It's like practicing, except you can't unlock boards or characters. This mode is best enjoyed by doing many tricks and trying many tracks.
  • World Circuit - Here's where the fun is. Upon entering this mode, you are ready to become a pro. You can participate in two events here: Showoff and Race. The goal of Showoff is to attempt as many tricks as possible in order to get the highest score. The Race, however, challenges players to take the top spot. In the game, you can compete on eight tracks. Plus, you get to unlock boards, characters, and outfits in this mode! It's here where medals are awarded, records are broken, and insane stunts are performed.
  • Practice - This mode is where most newcomers start out. Your first lesson will be learning how to control your snowboard and performing simple tricks. Here, players can also learn about the tracks, but they cannot unlock any items. 
  • Single Event - This mode takes just one event from World Circuit. The top spot can either be won by performing many tricks or by racing against everyone else.

Perform mind-blowing tricks

Tricks are the meat of SSX Tricky. During snowboard races, players perform these stunts to make interesting moves. Each trick is categorized based on its complication, with the harder trick earning a higher score.

Each trick is performed with a different combination of controls. For instance, R2 + Square allows you to perform Rail to Double Front Flip Paddle Wheel. You can do an entire list of tricks, and each character has their own special moves.

These are the most popular tricks in the game:

  • Body Board
  • Gut Buster
  • Hand in Hand
  • Scooter
  • CliffHanger
  • Sad Sack
  • Heel Clicker
  • Magician
  • Proper Propeller
  • Superman

These are just a few tricks you can perform. You can also try different variations of these popular tricks for a completely different outcome.

Play as different characters

A character in the game can only be unlocked by competing on the World Circuit. Every one of them has a unique style and wears different clothing and items.

A few of the characters you'll meet are Eddie Wachowski, Elise Riggs, JP Arsenault, Kaori Nishidake, Mac Fraser, Moby Jones, and Psymon Stark. Furthermore, there are a lot of different boards and skins to unlock.

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