PGSharp 1.127.0 APK

PGSharp 1.127.0 APK Android Free Download

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1.156.0 For Android
Updated On:
Jun 10, 2024
329 MB
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Android 5.0+

PGSharp is an android app that enables you to change the GPS location of your Avatar when playing Pokémon GO. With the help of this software, you can control the movement of your Avatar without moving. It also has advanced features like custom walking speed, automatic walk, and joystick support that help you capture Pokémons from the comfort of your home. You can download PGSharp for free. The key, however, expires after 14 days. 

Why does PGSharp exist?

In spite of its release four years ago, Pokémon GO remains one of the most popular mobile apps ever created. The game not only brings back memories of 90s kids but also features a never-before-seen augmented reality. While playing the game, you can discover, capture, and train Pokemon that appear in your current location. However, the game has its limitations, because you have to move around to encounter different creatures.

PGS Tech Ltd. created PGSharp, a tool that lets you fake your GPS location and movements. Using it, you may move around without actually moving and catch several Pokémons quickly and effectively. With the app, there is no limit to the distance you can teleport, so you can spoof your way across the world while lying in bed. The latest version of PGSharp download comes with an auto-walk function, walking speed options, and supports the use of a joystick.

How can users benefit from PGSharp? 

By downloading the PGSharp APK, you can instantly fake your location in Pokémon GO. The app comes with various advanced features that make it easier to play the game. When using a fake location, you can discover Pokémon that might otherwise not be present in your town or country. To jump from one location to another, you only need to use the teleport function. 

Additionally, PGSharm lets users customize the walking speed of their avatar. Users can control the speed at which their character walks by moving the joystick around. When you are waiting for the eggs to hatch, the program also has an auto-walk function. It works without the user touching the joystick. 

Features of PGSharp

  • Play with a joystick - This is the best feature of the app. Pokemon Go requires players to move around to find hidden creatures. Now that you guys have this joystick, you don't have to move as you can now roam around without having to move in real life.
  • Walking Speed - Using PGSharp, players can control their walking speed. It will be possible for you guys to control your walking speed and you can increase or decrease it according to your preference.
  • Teleportation - In this case, the apps that have been developed by the developers can assist the players in teleporting from one place to another. You can choose any location you wish and you will be teleported there.
  • Paths to Move - Players can also move in a variety of ways as provided by the developers. These routes will move you automatically. The players will also be able to change routes at any time.
  • Save Location - The players will be able to save the previous location easily through this app. This will enable them to track the places they have already been to.
  • Free to Play - This must be the most important feature of this app since it isn't possible to get all these features in one app. With PHSharp you get all these things for free, which is impossible with any other app out there.
  • Moving Freely - The players have the advantage of moving freely around the world as they can move freely. Players will find the game more exciting because they can move freely.

Other things will be experienced by the users of this app as well, which will completely change the experience of the players of this amazing game.

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