My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT APK Android Free Download

2.10.1 For Android
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Mar 20, 2023
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Android 7.0+

We are celebrating the 5th season of the hit TV anime series MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT!

Bandai Namco's My Hero Academia: ULTRA IMPACT is a 3 vs 3 battle RPG based on the popular anime series "My Hero Academia.". Players develop their favorite heroes and use their personalities to battle with their opponents in battles similar to the animated series. You will also be able to collect new illustrations and customize the "Hero Base" style to watch the heroes interact.

About My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT APK

The game "My Hero Academia ULTRA" is based on the anime series "My Hero Academia" and is developed by BANDAI NAMCO. It is available for Android and iOS platforms. Foreign players will need a Japan VPN to play.

Since it targets the original fanbase, the game includes a re-roll option for the first 10x gacha. After the tutorial, players can reroll without deleting their game data.

It is a 3v3 game battle. You can train your favorite heroes and use their "quirks" to fight your enemies. Alternatively, you can turn on auto mode or use "Skip tickets" to proceed without spending time-fighting.

The game contains new illustrations of My Hero Academia's characters that you can collect. When a player obtains the card, s/he can set the picture to appear on the home page. After the character evolves, the card illustration will also change. Furthermore, you can customize your "Hero Base" and view the communication between heroes.

Those who enjoy My Hero Academia can also rewatch the stories of when Midoriya and Allmight first met, the growth of class 1-A, the USJ incident, the UA Sports Festival, the Shie Hassaikai Incident, etc.

Features of My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT APK

Among the features of MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT:

A battle RPG with heroes and villains you know and love.

  • Let your heroes shine with their iconic quirks!
  • Become the top hero by climbing the ranks!

Enjoy a casual 3-on-3 Quirk battle with your trained heroes and fierce opponents!

  • Tap your finger to activate Quirks.
  • Create skill chains with your heroes' quirks!
  • Bring out your flashy Plus Ultra Moves for the final punch!

Develop your favorite heroes' quirks!

  • Learn from U.A top teachers and Pro Heroes at the Unforeseen Simulation Joint (USJ)
  • At the never-before-seen VE Tower, you will face formidable enemies!

Build your team of heroes, use your Quirks to your advantage, and stand bravely against the heinous pursuits that lie ahead!

Discover the story of My Hero Academia in "Main Quest"!

  • Watch the story of Izuku Midoriya's first encounter with All Might, the No. 1 Hero.
  • Students of U.A. High-Class 1-A grow, watch USJ face an onslaught, and compete at the U.A. Festival of Sports!
  • Even as Shie Hassaikai becomes a threat, the League of Villains strikes down.
  • Enjoy familiar, memorable scenes from the TV anime as Deku and his friends strive to become Pro Heroes!

See a collection of exclusive illustrations!

  • Watch your favorite Ultra Rare character come to life with the "Cinematography" feature on your Home screen!
  • Train your characters to unlock new illustrations and awaken them.

Design your Hero Base as a U.A. High School, a villain hideout, or anything you like!

  • Bring your heroes and villains to your space!

Try your skills in Ultra Arena!

  • Compete against other players and their hero teams.
  • Take advantage of the quirks of your carefully trained heroes to win!
  • Claim your spot at the top of the rankings by mastering the game.


As in the movie of the same name, this game is built with attractive gameplay and features a series of interesting details, so you will be able to enjoy a lot of exciting experiences when playing it. You will quickly immerse yourself in your character and get ready to fight with weapons as soon as you start the game.

It will provide you with items to support you in combat, and players will have to demonstrate their skills sufficiently to win because combat isn't simple. Using the simple controls displayed on the screen, players can move their characters and create new attacks by controlling them. You just need to observe your opponent's direction carefully before you use your own moves to overwhelm them, since it won't be too challenging to control.


It is interesting to note that you can enjoy new survival races comfortably in MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT because it offers a variety of modes. Additionally, you can challenge yourself through fierce matches, as well as playing levels ranging from easy to difficult. Additionally, the game is based on the film's content.

In addition, Bakugo will have explosive power, while Endeavor, Hawks, and Mt Lady will all appear in turn with different characteristics. The game will also include villainous characters that will add to the challenge. In addition, each hero will come with mysterious special powers to help you in dramatic arenas.


When a player progresses to higher levels, the difficulty of each level will gradually increase. You can also unlock a number of unique Quirks with individual superhero symbols so you can stay strong in the big arenas by upgrading your hero in order to collect new powers. In addition, the villains are always trying to steal the characters' power titles, so keep an eye out for them. The game also allows players to compete with other players to assert their position on the battlefield. Complete challenges and achieve new goals.

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