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2.11.0 For Android
Updated On:
Mar 20, 2023
96.8 MB
Required Android:
Android 7.1+

Moo Monster belongs to the Real-Time Strategy Role Playing Game (RTS RPG) genre. A human gets lost in the Mooniverse, a world full of Moo monsters (pigs). In order to return back to the Human World, players must complete every mission in the Mooniverse with their friends.

Players form teams to overcome enemies and obstacles, each with their own unique failures, in Moo Monster, a "Play-to-Earn" game. Let's find the weak point. In order to develop a stronger character, it is necessary to keep leveling and gaining experience points. In addition, there are many features to play, including PVE, PVP, Farming, and Metaverse. Start playing for free today!

Baby D-Bolt

The baby D-Bolt is the youngest of the D-Bolts. He can't fight with you but he can watch and learn to gain experience from the battle.

Land NFT

Own land in each of the Mooniverse Cities to receive great benefits.

Metaverse Fashion

Pick the style that's right for you. Walking in this Metaverse (this world isn't just for pigs!)

Human Equipment

Put on various equipment to strengthen your character and fight more powerful opponents

Features of Moo Monster APK

  • It's free to play
  • An arrangement for strategic teams
  • Cryptocurrency system that helps you get it
  • Marketplace items and skins can be exchanged
  • Autoplay system mechanics and quests
  • Added new features and events constantly: Campaign, Collection, AMA, in-game events, etc.
  • In the metaverse
  • Earn NFT and tokens by playing

Game Mode

Explore the Mooniverse to find a variety of fun.


Discover this world's secrets and go on an adventure with your Moomon partner to overcome obstacles


You and your partner can test your skills by battling other players. Show off your talent to others!

Open World

Explore this vast world, with over 8 continents waiting to be explored in the Mooniverse.


Mooniverse is a world where you are not alone. Chat with other players and build a good relationship together

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