Pimp My Rom APK (BusyBox)

Pimp My Rom APK (BusyBox) Android Free download

App By:
3.4 For Android
Updated On:
Mrz 18, 2023
24.2 MB
Required Android:
Android 4.1+

Transform your smartphone from top to bottom

There may be bugs in this app because it is in the alpha stage of development.

You must have a rooted device to use this app!

Using Pimp my Rom, you can modify your current ROM by choosing from a variety of tweaks, mods, hacks, apps, and features.

This app has been proven to improve the performance of your device in many ways.

You can use Pimp my Rom on ANY Android device running ANY ROM

About Pimp My Rom APK

With Pimp My Rom, you can customize your Android's ROM in a simple and safe manner. The app automatically creates a backup of your current configuration, so if anything goes wrong with the new ROM, you can always roll back. You will need a rooted Android device as well as Busybox to use Pimp My Rom.

With this app, you can apply all kinds of tweaks and mods to customize your ROM. Changing CPU and GPU values, reducing the black screen time after a call, using Adblock for blocking ads in apps, and even removing the boot animation are all possible. There are virtually no limitations.

Pimp My Rom is an excellent app for customizing your phone. However, you have to be careful what you do with it. Due to the fact that you can back up your current configuration, you can experiment with new settings without much risk.

Features of Pimp My Rom APK

The features include:

Tweaks to Build prop 

  • Improved jpg image quality
  • Improved quality of camera recordings
  • Lock the launcher in memory 
  • Savings on batteries
  • Disable the kernel error checking
  • Tweaking Dalvik VM
  • Scrolling is faster
  • Improved touch responsiveness
  • Faster browsing and downloading
  • Purgeable assets should be allowed
  • Dialing time can be reduced
  • Miscellaneous 3G tweaks
  • Sleeping deeper
  • Reduce the black-screen time of the proximity sensor after a call
  • A smoother video streaming experience
  • Connecting/disconnecting to wifi faster
  • Improvements in overall smoothness
  • Increase the size of the VM heap

Disable/Enable Android Features

  • Enable hardware video acceleration
  • Disable Android logger
  • Enable Android logger
  • Enable gpu UI rendering
  • Enable HSUPA
  • Enable JIT (Just In Time) Compiler for Dalvik vm
  • Disable Normalized Sleeper
  • Disable Gentle Fair Sleepers
  • Disable New Fair Sleepers
  • Enable surface dithering
  • Disable Boot-Animation (doesn't work on ics and +)
  • Disable usage-data sending
  • Disable volume buttons wake
  • Disable adb notification icon
  • Buttons backlight is always enabled when screening on
  • 16bit Transparency

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