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Picsolve International Ltd
1.18.0 对于Android
2月 14, 2023
4.2 MB
Android 5.0+

Every year, we capture over 100 million amazing moments around the world...

With a growing list of amazing attractions around the world, you can view and share your amazing moments from your phone or tablet. During your visit, you can purchase your photos and use this app to collect and share them with friends and family via email or social networking, instantly! Within a few minutes (or pretty soon)

Your favorite memories - whether you conquered your fears on Nemesis, rode the rapids at Dubai Aquaventure or rubbed shoulders with celebrities at Madame Tussauds - can now be collected, viewed, and shared using Picsolve Mobile.

Whether you pick up your pictures now or later, we will keep them. Use your Picsolve login details (you can also register for an account through the app) or log in via Facebook to access your photos. Moreover, you can create albums for all your adventures and view them online whenever you want!

Features of Picsolve APK

  • The world's most famous attractions are waiting to share your photos
  • No signal? Downloaded photos can be viewed at any time
  • Make an album for every adventure you go on
  • Organize all your photos in one place
  • Share on Facebook, Twitter, email, and many other social media sites
  • You can download it to your camera roll
  • Make your account your own by adding a picture
  • A full-screen preview of the photo
  • Make sure your images have captions before sharing them

There will be a lot more coming, since we are just getting started, so please let us know what you think. If you're on Facebook or Twitter, feel free to chat with us via the @picsolve handle.

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使用我们的 的主要优势在于,您不需要像其他网站一样注册或注册。

Picsolve APK 最新版本可免费下载用于Android设备。 Picsolve APK 是所有平台上最受欢迎的 App/Games。由 Picsolve International Ltd 在2月 14, 2023中开发,它已经成功地进行了升级,并在所有用户中仍然很流行。您可以在Android设备上下载并安装 Picsolve APK 。 Picsolve APK 可以用于在Android Android 5.0+ 及更高版本上运行的任何Android设备。

在这里,您将能够免费为您的Android平板电脑,手机或其他支持Android OS的设备下载 Picsolve APK 文件。

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下载Android版 Picsolve APK

  1. 转到“设置”,然后打开“未知来源”。
  2. 下载Android的 Picsolve APK 。
  3. 点击下载的文件。
  4. 通过提供所有必需的权限,点击“安装”。
  5. 等待安装过程完成。