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Herminia Eustis
31.0.12 对于Android
6月 10, 2020
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Android 4.1+

PELANGIKU APK is a loan online loan application or a quick loan fund that does not require the use of an ATM card or credit card with the Minerva application for quick cash borrowing. You can get loans online loan through PelangiQ app as PelangiQ app provides easy access to fast and cheap cash of your choice and can help you to apply for a cash loan and a simple liquid cash loan is:

The PELANGIKU APK is perfect for those of you who need a liquid online cash loan. Signature is not required and is waiting in line for hours. The PELANGIKU APK is now available from the PelangiQu app to facilitate easy liquid cash loans and data security guarantees.

To learn more about the PELANGIKU APK, please read the Terms and Conditions carefully. By using this application it is assumed that you have accepted our general terms and conditions.

Our service:

Up to 3000000, service without collateral in the amount of RP 800,000

Product Description

  • Tenor: 91 days - 104 days
  • Interest: Maximum 14% / year
  • Transaction simulation example
  • If you choose a loan amount of R 700,000 with an interest rate of 14% and the loan term is 100 days, you must repay on the due date: 700,000 * (1 + 14%) * 100/360.

How to use the Pelangiku APK?

  1. Install the app from the Google Play Store, enter "My People" and download it
  2. Enter your ID card: ID card, telephone number (and verification of mobile phone number), scanned ID card, photo ID
  3. The. Enter the bank account number
  4. Wait for review and approval (5-10 minutes).
  5. Wait 10 to 60 minutes to add money to your account

You want to contact us:

  • Monday to Friday: 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • Saturday-Sunday: 10 a.m.-6.30 p.m.
  • Address: Grgol Parmai Office Fee Complex J.L. Letumenan Guy A No. 8 Gallagher Gogol - West Jakarta

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使用我们的 的主要优势在于,您不需要像其他网站一样注册或注册。

PELANGIKU v31.0.12 Apk 最新版本可免费下载用于Android设备。 PELANGIKU v31.0.12 Apk 是所有平台上最受欢迎的 App/Games。由 Herminia Eustis 在6月 10, 2020中开发,它已经成功地进行了升级,并在所有用户中仍然很流行。您可以在Android设备上下载并安装 PELANGIKU v31.0.12 Apk 。 PELANGIKU v31.0.12 Apk 可以用于在Android Android 4.1+ 及更高版本上运行的任何Android设备。

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下载Android版 PELANGIKU v31.0.12 Apk

  1. 转到“设置”,然后打开“未知来源”。
  2. 下载Android的 PELANGIKU v31.0.12 Apk 。
  3. 点击下载的文件。
  4. 通过提供所有必需的权限,点击“安装”。
  5. 等待安装过程完成。