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You can simply get the Dynamic Island feature on the iPhone 14 on an Android device by using dynamic spot!

You have access to the Dynamic Island small multitasking function with dynamic spot, which makes it simpler to see recent alerts or changes in phone status.

To open the app that is being displayed, simply tap the small black dynamic spot. To expand the popup and see additional information, long-press it.

Dynamic Island on the iPhone cannot be customized, but a dynamic spot can! The dynamic spot or popup can be shown or hidden at certain times, and you can choose which apps should appear.

Since dynamic spot makes use of Android's notification system, practically any app, including those for timers, messaging, and even music can be used with it.

What is Dynamic Spot APK?

Similar to the Do Not Disturb icon, Dynamic Spot is a black, pill-shaped icon that appears at the top of your screen. Anywhere, including the lock screen and home screen, can access it.

You can quickly determine how many alerts you have by looking at the symbol. You can review them and choose the ones you want to implement.

All alerts, including those from social media, email, and messaging apps, are supported by the app. You may control all of your notifications in one location in this manner.

The software is also quite customizable. You can then modify the program to better fit your needs thanks to this. Additionally, it enables you to find a specific notice you wish to respond to quickly.

Features of Dynamic Spot APK

The following are some of the exciting features of dynamic spot APK;

User-friendly interface

Downloading dynamic spot APK ensures that you will find it easy to use. Navigating through its many features is easy.

Your music app management

Users can control their music over the dynamic island on top of their screen, both on the lock screen and on the home screen, with Dynamic Spot APK. The app also allows you to adjust the volume, pause, play, skip, or schedule your music right from the top of your screen.

Home screen notification of the charge

You can track your phone's percentage and time left to full charge without touching it when you download and install dynamic spot APK. With Dynamic Spot APK, tasks become a lot easier.

Download Dynamic Spot for free

Dynamic spot APK also lets you see your device's power usage, and you'll receive a notification when it's running low so you can recharge it. To access this feature, download dynamic spot for Android.

Control your timer app

This is an excellent feature dynamic spot APK offers users; you can set the timer without opening your timer app. You can also start and stop the timer alerts this way; you won't overdo a task or lose track of time.

You can respond to your messaging apps

Dynamic spot APK helps you focus on the most important notifications and respond accordingly. Depending on the action, you can long press on any notification and reply, like, or comment without opening the app that sent the notification.

Controls for multitasking

The dynamic spot APK allows users to quickly switch between several applications on their device, saving both time and effort.

With multitasking, you can edit the app you want to show notifications on dynamic spots, thereby avoiding distractions and prioritizing important notifications.

Optional customization

This dynamic spot APK can be customized to suit the style of the user's device; that is, the dynamic spot APK is customizable, letting users select the design they prefer.

Compact and battery-friendly

The Dynamic spot APK is well-designed to work on any device, even low-end devices, without taking up space or heating up your phone. In this way, you can ensure that your device's battery will last longer.

No rooting devices

The dynamic spot APK also offers the following feature to its users. Your device does not need root access to run Dynamic spot APK. Downloading, installing, and using it without interruptions are easy.

Experience ad-free browsing

This application doesn't contain any distracting ads that are likely to negatively affect your experience. This feature is available in dynamic spot's latest version.

Key Features

  • iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island notifications
  • iOS 16.1 Live Activities (app shortcuts)
  • Send notification replies from popup
  • iOS notification popup
  • Notification light / LED replacement
  • Show timer countdown
  • iOS music controls
  • Animated music visualizer
  • Battery charging or empty alarm
  • Customizable interaction
  • Selcet notification apps


  • Play / Pause
  • Next / Prev
  • Touchable seek bar
  • Custom actions support (like, favorites...)


  • Timer aps: Show running timer
  • Battery: Show percentage
  • Maps: Show distance
  • Music apps: Music controls
  • More to come soon!

The app is in beta stage, if you have any feature requests or bug reports, please use the beta feedback in google play store. Thanks!


You can manage your notifications with Dynamic Spot APK if you're looking for an app. The app is constantly updated with new features, and it currently supports two major ones. More features are on the way, so it's definitely worth a look.

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