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YouJeong Ko
1.5.12 对于Android
2月 20, 2023
100.9 MB
iOS 12.0+

Memorize your days with Dayol and decorate your diary.

On your iPhone or iPad, use Dayol to jot down all the things you need to remember!

With Dayol, you can plan your month, week, or day,

Journals, routine trackers, and anything else you can write on.

What Dayol can do for you?

  • Create your own journals with custom papers that are tailored to your needs!
  • This planner includes a Monthly/Weekly/Daily planner, routine tracker, and a total of 20 different papers in horizontal and vertical modes.
  • Easily decorate with drawing, text, photo, sticker, and layer features.
  • The iPad version of Dayol is available.
  • With more than 1500 stickers, you can decorate your journal.
  • Widgets for Schedule, Preview, and Checklist can be set up.

The contents you create via Dayol are only saved to your personal devices.

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使用我们的 的主要优势在于,您不需要像其他网站一样注册或注册。

Dayol APK 最新版本可免费下载用于Android设备。 Dayol APK 是所有平台上最受欢迎的 App/Games。由 YouJeong Ko 在2月 20, 2023中开发,它已经成功地进行了升级,并在所有用户中仍然很流行。您可以在Android设备上下载并安装 Dayol APK 。 Dayol APK 可以用于在Android iOS 12.0+ 及更高版本上运行的任何Android设备。

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下载Android版 Dayol APK

  1. 转到“设置”,然后打开“未知来源”。
  2. 下载Android的 Dayol APK 。
  3. 点击下载的文件。
  4. 通过提供所有必需的权限,点击“安装”。
  5. 等待安装过程完成。