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Bytedance Pte. Ltd.
版: 对于Android
2月 14, 2023
114 MB
Android 6.0+

Tachiyomi for anime is an unofficial fork.

A new application called Aniyomi will provide its users with access to the full content of the Japanese anime they love. If you want a reliable application that supports your passion for watching anime, you should not miss this one. Using this application, users can update many of the latest movies released by the manufacturer in the shortest amount of time.

About Aniyomi APK

There is more to Japanese entertainment than you can imagine. You can dive deep into the ocean of entertainment with Manga comics and Anime series. You can watch anime content and read manga comics online at a variety of great sites. The majority of them, however, requires a premium subscription to streaming services. Free options are plentiful, and you can choose from a variety of good ones. Aniyomi APK is one of the finest apps for watching anime online and reading manga.

You can stay up to date with every Anime detail with the Aniyomi Android app. There is a huge library, which is updated regularly with new movies, anime series, and manga comics. Even the developer can upload newer content on the platform if you request it. We have the Aniyomi app for Android that you can download for free. Here, we'll discuss the Aniyomi app for Android in detail. This app's information includes not only information about its features, but also a direct download link and exact installation instructions.

Features of Aniyomi APK


Watching and reading from hundreds of different sources online and offline


Keep track of your anime and manga with MyAnimeList, AniList, Kitsu, Shikimori, and Bangumi


Multiple reading modes, custom color filters, and other settings are available in this configurable reader

Anime and Manga

Today, a lot of people use their phones for various purposes. With so many smartphones available today, we can achieve so many incredible things we couldn't before.

With so many apps available, we're able to find a lot of incredible things to do right now. Apps are available for many purposes, including social media, entertainment, and education. Those who enjoy anime and manga can now install Aniyomi and enjoy a wide range of titles.

Although streaming apps are great for watching anime and reading manga, nothing beats Aniyomi. You can enjoy thousands of anime and manga titles with this free app.

You can watch and read easily here thanks to many extensions that you can download. The app also lets you track your list of anime and manga from sources such as AniList, Kitsu, MyAnimeList, and more. You will be able to enjoy the best anime experience with this.

This app also allows you to customize many things in its settings. With different reading modes, color filters, and more, you can make the most of the app.

下载 Aniyomi APK

嗨! Aniyomi APK 情人的如果您正在搜索下载最新的 Aniyomi APK ,那么恭喜您进入正确的页面。

在此页面上,您将了解 Aniyomi APK 的特长,并且Mod版本Apk将为您提供一个单击直接链接下载,因此您可以轻松下载 Aniyomi APK 。

使用我们的 的主要优势在于,您不需要像其他网站一样注册或注册。

Aniyomi APK 最新版本可免费下载用于Android设备。 Aniyomi APK 是所有平台上最受欢迎的 App/Games。由 Bytedance Pte. Ltd. 在2月 14, 2023中开发,它已经成功地进行了升级,并在所有用户中仍然很流行。您可以在Android设备上下载并安装 Aniyomi APK 。 Aniyomi APK 可以用于在Android Android 6.0+ 及更高版本上运行的任何Android设备。

在这里,您将能够免费为您的Android平板电脑,手机或其他支持Android OS的设备下载 Aniyomi APK 文件。

在这里您可以获得1,00,000+个免费和高级android apk应用程序的数量,您可以根据需要进行选择。

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所有Android APK均取决于您的需求,我们随时欢迎您使用我们的平台直接在此处下载任何应用。

下载Android版 Aniyomi APK

  1. 转到“设置”,然后打开“未知来源”。
  2. 下载Android的 Aniyomi APK 。
  3. 点击下载的文件。
  4. 通过提供所有必需的权限,点击“安装”。
  5. 等待安装过程完成。