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Holy Wow
1.07 для Android
янв 25, 2023
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Android 5.0+

Trombone Champ is the first rhythm music game based on trombones. You can freely play any note at any time, unlike most music games. It's not just about following along, it's actually about playing along

  • With over 20 tracks to choose from, you're sure to find something you like. You earn more toots the better you play!
  • Get all 50 Trombone Cards!
  • There are baboons on nearly every screen!
  • In Freeplay Mode, you can play whatever you want!
  • Discover the secrets of the Trombiverse and become the True Trombone Champ!
  • Microtransactions are nonexistent!
  • All ages are welcome!

About Trombone Champ APK

Trombone Champ is the first rhythm music game based on trombones. You can freely play any note at any time, unlike most music games. Rather than just following along with the music, you're actually playing it! There are over 20 tracks on Trombone Champ, including anthems, marches, classical pieces, electronica, folk classics, and more. There are also tracks from exciting guest artists included in the game. With each track, you'll find a unique animated background that moves along with the music! Playing songs will earn you "Toots" that you can use to purchase Tromboner Cards. There are new tromboners, color trombones, and other mysteries to be unlocked with these cards! Controls can be used in the game, but it is recommended that you use a mouse. You can move your arm forward and back, just like you would with a trombone, and the pitch of the note will adjust accordingly! Use the keyboard or click to blow! You are completely in control of the sounds your trombone makes. In general, the closer you are to the music track, the more points you'll earn, but you're free to play anything you want! Beginning with the main menu, there are baboons on almost every screen. In this game, you'll be surprised at how many baboons there are! You may uncover the purpose of the Trombiverse as you uncover its secrets... but only the true Trombone Champ can discover its full meaning.

Features of Trombone Champ APK

This game has many features players should keep an eye out for. The following are some of them:

Great gameplay and concept

With its superb gameplay and a fantastic concept, once players start playing this game, they won't want to stop. There is an immersive gameplay that keeps players on their toes and interested all the time. A perfect game for music lovers, this game uses the trombone and musical sounds to give people a chance to express themselves freely. This game can improve musical skills such as rhythm, creativity, timing, and musical sense by allowing players to play many tunes using the trombone. In this game, you have a choice of songs, and your goal is to create them using the trombone.

Physiotherapy Experience

This game is the ultimate stress reliever, giving everyone who plays it the next therapeutic experience. The game is an effective stress reliever that calms the mind of everyone who plays it. When you're having a bad day and want to brighten your mood instantly, this game is perfect for you. Getting lost in music is the best way to escape all the negative emotions that have accumulated inside you over the past few days. The moment you start playing this game, you instantly feel better and more relaxed.

Earn Points

There is a point reward system in this game, and points are given to users for playing songs on the trombone, and more points are given when you make your sounds sound more like the original version. As you play this game, the closer the tune sounds to the original, the more points you earn, which encourages players to practice more and create better musical sounds. Whenever players play songs in succession without making any mistakes, they are awarded bonus points. More points you earn, the higher your rating becomes, and the more songs you can unlock.


In this game, over 30 tracks are available in a variety of genres, including blues, folk, anthems, and more. Several musical tracks are available in this game, and unlocking them makes the game more enjoyable. Trombone Champ APK comes with a feature that unlocks all tracks as you progress.

Regardless of age

Players of any age can enjoy playing this game, as it has no age restrictions. You are free to enjoy this game no matter your age. Various songs will appeal to people of all ages.

Aim to improvise

There are very few rules in this game, so you are mainly improvising and demonstrating your creativity. A player's style is rewarded with points when they play a song. It's all about having fun and having a good time

Exceptionally therapeutic experience

There is no doubt that music has a therapeutic effect on the mind. Besides stimulating creativity, it helps with memory retention and reduces stress.

Music is incredibly cathartic for stressed individuals, which is why Trombone Champ is such a useful app. Let all your worries disappear as you immerse yourself in the trombone-themed world of songs and melodies when you're stressed out.

Music practice will improve your skills, and you'll be better prepared to handle life's challenges as a result. The more you play Trombone Champ, the more relaxed and better you'll feel.

Play any note at your leisure

In this game, you have to follow the rhythm of the song and play the notes correctly. The notes or tunes are easy to adjust with Trombone Champ, despite what you might think.

Your trombone can be controlled completely by the app, allowing you to play any note you want. So, even if you're off-beat during a certain song, you can easily adjust it and tune it for a better experience.

Trombone Champ lets you play music the way you want, which makes it an engaging game for most people. Create your own tunes and play them to your satisfaction rather than following along with the music.

Achieve more points with every achievement

The game wouldn't be as interesting without a reward system. In Trombone Champ, you can earn points by playing songs on the trombone and creating music that resembles the original track.

The closer you are to the original song, the more points you will receive. The result is that users are encouraged to practice more and compete against themselves to create better music every time they play a track.

Additionally, you'll get bonus points for playing multiple songs without making mistakes or causing jams.

When you want to improve your rating in the game, these points will come in handy. As a result, you will be able to unlock new music sets and upgrade your trombone for a better sound.

With points, you can also unlock songs from different genres and styles of music as you accumulate more. It's this way that you'll never get bored of playing Trombone Champ again and again.


Trombone Champ features over 20 tracks, including anthems, marches, classical pieces, electronica, folk classics, and more. There are also tracks from exciting guest artists included in the game. A unique animated background moves along with each track!

A Tromboner Card

You can purchase Tromboner Cards with the "Toots" you earn from playing songs. With these cards, you can unlock new tromboners, new trombone colors, and more!


You can play the game with a controller, but a mouse is recommended. Like a trombone, move your arm forward and back, and the pitch of the note will adjust! To blow, click or use the keyboard! Your trombone's sound is completely controlled by you. Play anything you want at any time, but the closer you are to the music track, the more points you will earn!


Baboons appear on nearly every screen in the game, beginning with the main menu. There are so many baboons in this game that you won't believe it! Discovering the secrets of the Trombiverse will reveal their purpose... but only a true Trombone Champ will understand them.

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