Herr Anwalt Lawyers Legacy APK

Herr Anwalt Lawyers Legacy APK Android Free download

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0.1 For Android
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апр 04, 2024
51.6 MB
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Android 5.0+

As "Mr. Lawyer", you must save students from an evil headmaster's cruelty. You end up back at the school desk after what started out as a harmless mission. You must not only save the students but also survive a whole school day fighting a variety of teachers.

During the course of doing his attorney's business, Mr. Attorney receives a call from the local school. The teachers have gone completely nuts and won't allow the students to go home. As the badass lawyer that he is, Mr. Attorney takes matters into his own hands!

Now you can play Mr Lawyer. Mr. Lawyer must save the students from the evil school principal. He has a nasty plan to keep the students in school forever so they can learn a lot. MUHAHAHA. You end up returning to school and fighting your way through various subjects after what seems like a simple rescue mission. Lashakv will be among the influencer celebrities you will meet.

Features of Herr Anwalt Lawyers Legacy APK

  • Story Mode for single players
  • Arena of Endless Imagination
  • Support for controllers

Defeat the evil headmaster and fight the teachers in this fast-paced action game. Will you be able to cope with the trauma of school?

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