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App By:
Simone Di Giorgi
1.19 для Android
окт 25, 2022
152.6 MB
Требуется Android:
Android 4.4+


As in "Hokuto no Ken", Gigi the Warrior follows the deeds of a lonely traveler whose mission is to restore peace and honesty to an Italy devastated by the worst politics.


Italy plunged into chaos after the fall of the government. Now that political parties belong to the distant past, their old leaders vie for the title of Emperor. The fate of the beautiful country now seemed sealed. During the decisive battle between Il Cavaliere and the brave Gigi, the latter is mortally wounded and marked by 5 Stars, engraved on his chest by his opponent.

Abandoned on the desert floor of the city of Messina, Gigi is still breathing.

An extraordinary event, therefore, takes place: the former President of the Republic, perceiving the honesty in Gigi's heart, saves his life and decides to become his teacher. Thus, our hero is trained in the secret techniques of the 70 Years of the Italian Constitution. As a result, Gigi the Warrior will be the Last Savior, the messiah who will bring peace and honesty to the hearts of millions of Italians.

Features of Gigi il Guerriero APK

  • Reflexes and skills are put to the test in this game
  • A post-apocalyptic look at four Italian locations
  • A total of 8 opponents must be defeated
  • Finishing moves that are spectacular
  • The clashes will be accompanied by compelling storytelling
  • Inspired by classic fighting anime 2D graphics
  • Soundtrack from the original
  • There are 3 levels of difficulty
  • Change the color of your interface by collecting stars
  • A tournament mode that can be unlocked
  • Achievements and Leaderboards
  • Adapted from the Punch Mania cabinet: Hokuto no Ken
  • A product you can trust!

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  4. Нажмите «Установить», предоставив все необходимые разрешения.
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