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progress. mesrs
1.3.2 dla Android
sty 23, 2023
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Android 5.0+

The reason students are looking for this application in all countries, especially Algeria, is because it provides a distinguished student service and inspires students. As well as entertainment, it offers a range of other services.

As a university student, you can download the application from the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research in Algeria and provide valuable and distinguished services for free to help advance educational processes in terms of school and university curricula and methods of explanation and education. The Hajj is one of these services.

Because of the distinctive features it provides for displaying anything related to teaching, including student grades, test results, and many free services to facilitate education and teaching, this program has been very popular in electronic stores for electronic goods, programs and applications in recent years, rather than unofficial websites.

About Webetu APK

Currently, Webetu APK is one of the most popular applications as it is being researched by many students and people around the world, especially in Algeria. As one of the student portal applications, it provides student services and final registration services as well as an entertainment application with a lot of fun and comics. You can find thousands of manga stories shared by other platform users on Webetu, one of the largest manga communities in the region. In this community, you can find a wide variety of comics and connect with users from all over the world.

Student portal for Webetu application services:

  • Continuous exam points
  • Examination points and deliberation results 
  • Points statements 
  • Debts 
  • Exam schedules 
  • Academic leave, university registration, and baccalaureate points.
  • Tamazight Department students are involved with the trial version.
  • And more services

Features of Webetu APK

Designed with care is the user interface

The arrangement and organization make it very easy and simple to choose from any category. Magazines and higher-generation sections are also available.


You can read all categories of comics for free, including manga, for example.

Co-author and comedian

The student can draw comics in his or her free time for entertainment, pleasure, and to increase income, or can write stories, and there are winners every week from those who keep up with the stories.

Parts and filters of several different types

Organize the application by categories and groups to help you find any category you need. Displayed results are subjective to the available search results. It is possible to set a filter for the search in order to make the results more clear. A filter like this is considered an integral part of the application.

Comment to interact with readers

Because the system is published anywhere, you can discuss and interact in a personal way, and there are interesting forums where readers can share their ideas and interact.

More manga

Manga stories are available in the application for short or regular stories. Over 23 different categories of stories are available, so you'll find what you're looking for quickly. As a cartoonist, you can use this program 

Discover exciting success stories

Films like Gumi School, which are well known for success, are very popular among young people. In the application, there are also comics, which have a large audience.

Webetu - K - huge collection of books

With this large library of webetu -k, any user can reach his desires with ease and experience a really fun and emotional experience. The application is constantly updated for the latest content on its main page and self-technology in accordance with the suggestions of content for each user.



HPC (High-Performance Computing) in UB2 uses a hybrid CPU-GPU architecture. Research from all universities that requires computing power or GPU architecture can use the high-performance cluster. 


This section provides access to a large part of the documentary background available in the various UB2 libraries. A student can carry out different operations on an online catalog: Search, Reservation, etc.

Online theses

Doctorate and Magister theses defended in UB2 are available for consultation and free download. The number of these available exceeds 1600.


A video and image archive of all events and demonstrations can be found on the Media site.


Online requests can be made for ITC's electronic services. We create institutional email accounts for permanent teachers, create personal websites for them, etc.


The Moodle platform enables the teacher and student to interact using interactive and collaborative resources. Teachers' websites and UB2's YouTube channel are also available as educational resources.

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Najnowsza wersja Progres Mesrs Dz Webetu 2022 APK jest dostępna do pobrania za darmo na urządzenia z Androidem. Progres Mesrs Dz Webetu 2022 APK to najpopularniejsza aplikacja / gry na wszystkich platformach. Opracowany w sty 23, 2023 przez progress. mesrs, udało mu się uaktualnić i zachować popularność wśród wszystkich użytkowników. Możesz pobrać i zainstalować Progres Mesrs Dz Webetu 2022 APK na swoim urządzeniu z Androidem. Progres Mesrs Dz Webetu 2022 APK można wykorzystać na dowolnym urządzeniu z Androidem, które działa na Androidzie Android 5.0+ i nowszych wersjach.

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Pobierz Progres Mesrs Dz Webetu 2022 APK na Androida

  1. Przejdź do „Ustawień” i przełącz na „Nieznane źródła”.
  2. Pobierz Progres Mesrs Dz Webetu 2022 APK na Androida.
  3. Stuknij pobrany plik.
  4. Stuknij w „Zainstaluj”, nadając wszystkie wymagane uprawnienia.
  5. Poczekaj na zakończenie procesu instalacji.