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3.0.10 per Android
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gen 24, 2023
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Android 7.0+

More than just a chat and social media application, eDOT is an entertainment, lifestyle, and business application built by children for children to meet your entertainment, lifestyle, and business needs.

You can interact with your relatives, enjoy content, upload content, and transact through eDOT's e-commerce functionality.

The ease of communication, the speed of work, and the efficiency of eDOT help you network, work, and do business more efficiently.

eDOT Group provides all your needs!

eDOT is a member of the Nabati Group. The eDOT platform is here to meet all your digital needs, from purchasing and selling daily necessities, ordering food delivery, delivery services, and renting a vehicle, as well as providing a fun & entertaining chat platform for each user. There are two forms of eDOT: mobile apps and websites.

A wide range of backgrounds and regions have been served by eDOT throughout Indonesia. As a result of the features we have built, every activity, economic and social, has benefited from it. With our partners as important stakeholders, we are committed to meeting your needs to the best of our ability.

Features of eDOT APK

Social Media & Treds 

Stay up-to-date with eDOT Trends and Social Media! You can access various types of up-to-date information in eDOT, so you won't miss any news on various topics. In addition to Music, Movies, Sports, Health, Business, and others, you can also upload your content to eDOT Moment. Share your moments together with family and friends, and inspirational content in the form of photos, videos, articles, and even audio!

Meeting video calendar 

Take control of your busy days with eDOT's Calendar and Video Meeting features! You no longer have to use calendar and video meeting applications aside from messaging, transactions, and social media needs. With the eDOT CalendarVideo Meeting features, you are able to accommodate your business and community activities such as business meetings, trainings, webinars and other exciting activities instantly and integrated with your daily communication features.


eDOT lets you fulfill all your shopping needs in one click without switching applications. Shop for items you want, with multiple shipping and payment options. In addition to becoming a buyer, you can also become a seller on eDOT. With integrated features, eDOT will help you reach various target markets and communities.

Food Delivery 

During your chat with colleagues or community discussion, you can also order food without having to leave the eDOT application! Our driver partner will help pick it up at the restaurant and deliver the food you ordered quickly to your location. You can also see other users' ratings of the restaurant you select! Are you a restaurant owner? You can also become a partner with us!

Delivery & Vehicle Rent

With eDOT, you can send your goods more efficiently and effectively! The partners, prices, and services you need can be determined by you. You can also rent a vehicle from eDOT on a daily, weekly or monthly basis along with key-off services in a safe and secure manner. Are you able to rent a vehicle? Also, eDOT provides an opportunity for those of you who own a vehicle and want to maximize its benefits. With eDOT, you can earn extra income! As a logistics player, eDOT allows you to reach more consumers, maximize vehicle utility, and increase your business turnover!

Trending Homepages

Whether it is movies, music, or other news, you will always stay up to date on everything that is happening around the world.


eDOT also offers online shopping services. Select the item you want, add it to your shopping cart, choose a delivery courier, and pay for it using your choice of payment method. EDOT offers the option of becoming a buyer as well as a seller.

eDOT Mitra

eDOT Mitra is a marketplace that combines the B2B principle with the wholesale distribution. Join eDOT MITRA if you are an FMCG distributor company and meet more than 150.000 GT stores. Register your store immediately to shop directly from the distributors and get the best price.


With over 8 years of experience working in the FMCG industry and distribution, eDOT Distribution System ( eDS ) is the perfect solution for managing sales and distribution of goods effectively and efficiently. It is complete in features and easy to use. Common modules in eDS include:

  • Module for managing sales quotations and billing orders
  • Real-time movement inventory management and monitoring module
  • Module for setting up promotion sales with conditions
  • To manage finances and accounting, FICO is used for reporting
  • Managing your business with Master Data Management

The eDOT Sales Force Automation and eDOT Partner applications can also be accessed by eDS users.

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