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1.0.19 untuk Android
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Jan 24, 2023
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Android 5.1+

Snack Bar has everything animal customers need!

Can you guess what our cute customer wants today?

At the snack bar, you'll find adorable cats (==)

Cat restaurant that's adorable, cute, and lovely!

The Cat Snack Bar is a mobile clicker where visitors can get fast and tasty service while feeding their cats. A small cafe is initially run by one cat, and as the business grows, other employees appear. You can speed up the game by tapping on individual items. While making improvements, you can automate the process. With an increase in client flow, your responsibilities will expand. Ensure that orders are taken and customers are served on time in order to maximize revenue. Earn money in the restaurant business and become a real tycoon. To earn more, expand your territory and menu list. You could hire new employees so that they could save their free time by serving more customers.

What You Should Know?

TREEPLLA designed this game to offer a unique three-in-one gameplay experience. A well-thought-out design incorporates the following elements:

  • Simulating cooking: The game places your cat in the middle of cooking escapades. Your customers will appreciate the freshest ingredients and the best-tasting meals you prepare.
  • Tycoon Element: To progress in a tycoon game, you must complete specific tasks and goals. Your store must be updated, your finances must be managed efficiently, and your customers must be well taken care of.
  • Pet Themed: Spend time caring for cats in your cafe, as they bring joy to everyone around them. Observe their interaction with one another and your customers and you'll be mesmerized. Your store's happiness and satisfaction level will be further increased.

A fast-paced, entertaining gaming experience is further enhanced by their interdependence. 


Playing the game is relatively straightforward. In each level, you must complete specific tasks, such as cooking and feeding cats. You may think that this is quite simple, but keeping up with the demands of your customers can be quite challenging.

You can upgrade certain parts of your store to make things easier for yourself. As a result, the quality and quantity of items available in your café will improve, and you will be able to operate more efficiently.

A top-notch tycoon can easily be achieved if you invest wisely and reach milestones regularly. Stay consistent with your efforts while devising a unique strategy.

You'll quickly become immersed in this pet-themed simulation if you understand the gameplay mechanics. The following are the main activities to be undertaken:

  • Take your order: As soon as your guests enter your premises, you must take their orders.
  • Cooking: Prepare the orders as quickly as you can in the kitchen after you've taken the orders. The menu may include pizzas, hotdogs, coffee, soup, hamburgers, and lemonade.
  • Serve: After you've finished cooking, serve it to your customers and get tips.

Features of Cat Snack Bar APK

Profits should be used to upgrade your store, buy new items, and pamper cats with toys and treats. Then you'll be guaranteed consistent growth, making your coffee more appealing to customers.

  • Idle Gameplay: While you're away, your store can be left running, which means you can keep up with the competition without constantly monitoring it. The freedom to pursue other tasks in the game is incredible.
  • Lots of Animal Guests: Unlike other games, Cat Snack Bar APK download features adorable animal guests. You can interact with different types of cats and learn more about their personalities.
  • Graphics are beautiful: A high-definition graphic system makes the game enjoyable to play. Everything is extremely detailed, from the cafe interiors to the cats themselves! Despite the fact that you're playing a game, you'll feel like you're having so much fun.
  • Boost Your Management Skills: The success of this game depends heavily on how well you manage your coffee. You'll become a tycoon quickly if you plan and complete tasks efficiently. You should expand from a small café to a large restaurant with all the amenities.
  • Hire a chef: In order to grow your coffee business, you will need to hire more staff, such as chefs and waiters. As a result, you can increase the efficiency of your operations and meet the demands of your customers. Hiring the best is essential since they will run your business even when you are offline or asleep.
  • Beautiful Sound Effects: Game effects are top-notch, further enriching your gaming experience. In spite of the challenging levels, the sound of cats mewing and purring will make you feel peaceful!

We welcome you to our snack bar

Step 1: Take orders from the guests.

Customer orders are taken, food is cooked, and food is served by Cat!

You take a deep breath and relax. You've found the perfect idle game!

Step 2: Cook delicious food.

There is a fantastic animal restaurant that cooks any food you want

We serve soup, coffee, lemonade, hotdogs, hamburgers, pizzas, and more!

Step 3: Animal guests will enjoy your amazing cuisine.

They will leave you some tips once they are satisfied!

Step 4: Expand the restaurant.

Start with a small cat cafe, then expand into an animal restaurant!

Put your management skills to the test!

Build the biggest restaurant empire in this restaurant simulator by hiring chefs, selling food, and hiring servers. Manage a restaurant and you can become a millionaire.

  • An easy, stress-free idle tycoon game
  • The snack bar is run by cats even when you're away! AFK!
  • The cats will play for you even when you're sleeping or working.
  • This is an amazing game for cat lovers. Butlers are welcome

This game is perfect for the following people:

  • Those who love cat games, animal games, and cute games!
  • Anyone who enjoys cooking soup, coffee, lemonade, and more!
  • Food tycoons, restaurant tycoons, lemonade tycoons... they're all here!
  • Anyone who enjoys relaxing games, idle games, and simulation games!
  • Play offline and idle games if you like!
  • Those who enjoy playing single-player games and free games!

How would you like to eat?

Every time they eat from the snack bar, the kitties purr with joy.

Watch the cute cat at work and feel the relaxing vibe!

We invite you to join us

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Cat Snack Bar APK versi terbaru tersedia gratis untuk diunduh untuk perangkat Android. Cat Snack Bar APK adalah Aplikasi / Permainan paling populer di semua platform. Dikembangkan dalam Jan 24, 2023 oleh TREEPLLA, telah berhasil meningkatkan dan tetap populer di antara semua pengguna. Anda dapat mengunduh dan menginstal Cat Snack Bar APK di perangkat Android Anda. Cat Snack Bar APK dapat digunakan untuk perangkat Android apa pun yang berjalan di Android Android 5.1+ dan versi yang lebih baru.

Di sini Anda dapat mengunduh file Cat Snack Bar APK gratis untuk tablet Android, ponsel, atau perangkat lain yang mendukung OS Android.

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Unduh Cat Snack Bar APK untuk Android

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  2. Unduh Cat Snack Bar APK untuk Android.
  3. Ketuk file yang diunduh.
  4. Ketuk "Instal" dengan memberikan semua izin yang diperlukan.
  5. Tunggu proses instalasi selesai.