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1.4.2 para Android
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ene. 20, 2023
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Android 5.0+

This action game puts you in the shoes of Ken, a fearless young student at his college. Several days ago, a gang known as the Red Kat Gang took all your friends' belongings and attacked them. Now it is up to you to help them get their belongings back. Will you be able to do that? There are 5 stages with boss fights, and each stage is longer than the previous one. Pixelated graphics are present in the game. It is a fun game with many things to do, each battle will grant rewards, do not lose battles, and keep an eye on the health bar.

Take on the role of Ken, a college student. As a result of the Red Kat Gang attacking your friends and robbing their belongings, you are trying to find a way to redeem them.

Besides the 5 stages and 5 bosses in the story, the game includes 26 ABC animations and 6 images that can be viewed as complements to the scenes. As soon as an enemy is hit, you have the option of getting HP points or relating to them to get your character's KI back. Restore health by using HP points.



Ken, a college student, is your character. The Red Kat Gang attacked your friends one day and stole their belongings. Getting them back is now your responsibility.

In his story, there are five stages and five bosses.

The game contains 26 sex animations and 6 images that can be viewed in the extras mode.

When you defeat an enemy, you can either gain HP points or have sex to regain KI.

Health points can be used to recover health.


As Anko, Ken's little sister, you play the game. There has been a contract made with one of the fearsome gangs to provide you with x-rated videos. They have attacked your classmates while you were away. What can you do to save them?

In her story, there are three stages and four bosses.

You can view Anko's sex animations and images in the extras mode.

Food items are randomly dropped by enemies after you beat them. As with each food item, there are different effects such as sushi adding one HP point, apples adding two HP points and adding some KI power, and chicken adding five HP points.

Do not get hit three times within a short period of time, or Anko will be knocked out, allowing her enemies to have sex with her. Press Left or Right (or the Revive button for Android) repeatedly to wake her up from the knockout stage.

What is College Brawl APK?

With College Brawl APK, you'll have to defeat your enemies in a vintage 2D setting reminiscent of old fighting games, all with their own mechanics.

As a result, we are facing a game that attempts to revitalize the genre of fighting and action in 2D. Even so, it isn't just pointless straight fighting without any thought. In College Brawl, you can plan different strategies since you will have limited resources that will deplete with each move. Each victory will reward you with a different reward, which will help you advance in the game and become stronger. However, keep in mind that your enemies will also become stronger as you progress.

College Brawl is a mobile fighting game with a unique, personal story that sets it apart from other games.


Even for beginners, the gameplay is relatively straightforward. You can choose between playing as Ken or Anko. As Ken, you'll have to protect your friends after they have their belongings stolen at school. As a result, it is your responsibility to assist them in resolving the problem. To win this story mode, you'll have to fight 5 bosses in five stages.

You can also play as Anko in the game. As Ken's little sister, you'll take on the role of a little girl. X-rated videos will be created behind your back, so you'll have to help your friends avoid being blackmailed. In this game, you must defeat four bosses across three stages. The more enemies you defeat, the more food items you will receive, such as apples, sushi, and chicken.

Make the University orderly with your fists

There are anime-like graphics and on-screen controls reminiscent of handheld game consoles of the 1990s in this game. Several actions are available, such as left-right movement, jumping, and a variety of attacks.

The story takes place on a university campus where various girls will try to kill us by hitting us until our health points run out. We can restore our health points by defeating enemies or having sex with girls.

Four or more explicit images can be seen in the extras section of the game, as well as several racy animations. A total of five different levels and five final bosses are included in the game.

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