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Jan 23, 2023
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Yomi Hustle is an online, turn-based fighting game that simulates superpowered fight scenes. To land the perfect blow, harness the power of precognition with an accessible control scheme.

Because it's a strategy game, players must learn the best combat strategy to win each battle. Yomi Hustle mobile download quickly became immensely popular because of its fantastic premise and captivating gameplay. Playing the game is easy, and it is constantly being downloaded.

The world is linear, which makes it easy for players to understand and navigate. Yomi Hustle APK download is a game where you will use various attack methods to eliminate stickmen foes.

As well as punches, kicks, and uppercuts, you can also use powerful skills like fireballs and lightning storms to defeat several foes at once.

In combat, you must carefully employ your special attacks since each has a specific timer. As a result, you can beat your opponents quickly and build up combos.

After both players are locked, the simulation continues until one of them can move. When it comes in contact with an enemy, the blue stick figure in the picture above can stop an attack.

When a fighter is unprepared, whether recovering from a hit or in the middle of an attack, they still receive a turn. There won't be many defense options available to this fighter, and most of their moves won't be available to him.

About Yomi Hustle APK

Every day, new stickman games are released for mobile devices. Yomi Hustle APK falls under the category of action games, and each has different game mechanics.

Yomi Hustle APK for Android features an action-packed strategy game where you compete against different opponents and use different fighting tactics and superpower moves in fierce battles. Players must develop their fighting style and play to come out on top in each battle in this strategy game. Due to its intriguing gameplay and fantastic concept, this game became very popular very quickly with gamers all over the world. The game is constantly being downloaded, and you can play it, too. Yomi Hustle APK can be downloaded here and installed instantly.

Gaming company known for releasing a variety of games. Only those who are mature enough to handle sensitive combat battles can play this game since it contains mild fantasy violence and intense battles, but an Android device that is compatible with the game as well as sufficient storage space to store it is vital.

As the creators of this game made the game accessible, users don't have to pay any additional charges in order to download and start playing the game. Yomi Hustle APK can be downloaded quickly from this site, so you can get started playing immediately.


Stickman video games are becoming increasingly popular, and new iterations are being developed constantly. A simple, stick-like creature controls the game, thus giving it its name and inspiration for its gameplay.

This niche has become so popular that it has even given rise to its own subgenre, stickman fighters. Stick figures douse each other in blood in arenas of combat in this high-octane, frenetic action game.

Yomi Hustle APK is an exciting stickman fighter game set in a straightforward world. In addition to being one of the most popular games, it is also one of the newest. Depending on your preferences, its ease of use may be a plus or a drawback, but it offers a great deal of entertaining and fast-paced entertainment.

The straight battlefield and lack of information it contains are both strengths of this game. A stickman fighting fan must give this game a try because the focus is on the fights themselves and the setting is completely engrossing.

Features of Yomi Hustle APK


With its excellent gameplay mechanics and overall concept, players will quickly become engrossed and unable to put the game down.

In this action game, you fight a variety of opponents in thrilling battles. Strategies must be developed and cunning tactics must be used in order to prevail. In a graphic strategy combat simulator with multiple fight possibilities, players must consider the best combination of moves.

Simple to play

Controls are located on the game screen, so you can easily move, attack, or defend by selecting an option. A claim has been made that this game is as simple as it can possibly be, but it's not. Playing this game is never difficult, and once you get started, the first few rounds go quickly. Getting used to it will take a little while, but once you've mastered it, you won't have any problems navigating.

System of turn-based combat

This game uses a turn-based fighting engine, so players must choose an attack and defense strategy before their opponents can make their move. Reducing move waste requires using the best movements possible. Players must strategically plan every move to avoid wasting opportunities.

Fight possibilities

The game offers several thrilling battle options that players should keep an eye out for. You will find a variety of categories on the bottom of the screen, including defensive, super, unique, assault, and mobility. Due to the fact that each character has a unique set of skills, and that there are various options for each category, each battle in this game will keep players interested. A unique control scheme makes this game stand out.

This game also has a fantastic audio setup that produces some amazing effects during the assault and defense phases. To make the combat as thrilling as possible, additional sound effects are added.

Spend time with friends

Playing this game with your friends is much more fun because multiplayer is also supported. As you and your fellow players engage in combat with different opponents, you earn rewards and gold.

Enhance your skills

You will receive money every time you complete a task in this game. With these coins, one can expand his or her knowledge and develop his or her abilities. You will be able to learn new special techniques for each character as well, allowing you to launch much more powerful attacks.


Welcome to Yomi Hustle.

The paused game starts. Depending on the game mode, you control one or both of these stick men. 

In this tutorial, the tutorial is demonstrated in single-player mode, with explanations provided for multiplayer mode.

The following is a list of your available fighting moves. Click the button of a move, then click "Lock In" or press the spacebar to perform the action.

During multiplayer matches, you will only have a limited amount of time to make your decisions.

Before locking in an action, you may need to change some additional parameters.

The prediction ghost attempts to simulate the outcome of the selected action. Additionally, this ghost indicates which fighter will be actionable first.

It allows you to determine the most advantageous move based on your and your opponent's actions.

After both players have locked in, the simulation runs until one of them is able to act. As shown above, the blue stickman interrupts his attack when it hits an opponent.

A fighter will still be given a turn even if they aren't ready yet, whether they are still reeling from a blow or in the middle of an attack. This fighter, however, will only have limited defensive options and can't use most of their moves.

BURST is one such defensive option. To escape, you may use it at any time, even while being combined. Although it is a vulnerable state, the opponent may be able to net another high-damage combo if they predict you will use it.

After using burst, you must wait sometime before using it again.

DIRECTIONAL INFLUENCE, or DI, is another defensive option when taking hits. DI affects the direction and speed at which you are knocked back the next time you are hit. As the combo progresses, DI applies more force. You must mix it up to escape combos early, since the opponent does not know which direction you will DI.

If you are not being comboed, but suspect your opponent will attack you, you can PARRY. The parry allows you to counterattack any strike, rendering you immediately actionable while your opponent recovers their attack. If you miss a parry, however, you are vulnerable to delayed attacks. In addition, parrying always loses to grab moves.

The SUPER METER in the corner of your screen will fill up as you land attacks, parry opponents' attacks, and move toward your opponent. A SUPER LEVEL is gained when it is completely filled.

The super levels you have will allow you to spend them on SUPER MOVES. Super moves are very powerful, and they require varying amounts of super levels to perform.

What is New?

Parry disabling moves entirely has been fixed (lol)

Some hitboxes weren't connecting when opponents were knocked down, such as caltrops

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