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1.0 BETA for Android
Updated On:
Nov 11, 2022
111 MB
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Android 5.0+

Experience the dynamic fighting game experience of One Punch Man with your favorite characters! Take on the role of your favorite hero - or become one!

The hero is YOU!

Choose your own powers and abilities to create your own hero avatar!

A fight for your life!

A dynamic 3v3 fighting game featuring meteors and other characters from One Punch Man.

As part of the termination of online lobby features, the following features will also no longer be available:

Online participation in events

Avatar Ranked Battle participation

Bonus distribution for logging in

About One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows APK

3v3 fierce battle begins!

For the first time ever, "One-Punch Man" has been turned into a home video game as a fighting action game! ! Is it you who saves the world from danger with your unique characters?


Be a hero of the S-class!

The main mode of this work involves customizing the avatar and becoming a professional hero!

Explore the first season of "One Punch Man" from your (hero's) perspective!

There is a power balance between heroes and monsters based on hero rank and monster level in the story.

You can beat enemies that you couldn't beat at first if you grow as a hero!

There is a wide range of equipment, such as costumes and accessories. Whether to emphasize coolness or individuality is up to you!

As well as changing the size and color of each part, you can also change the height and physique. You can create the hero of your dreams!

From C class onwards, the hero's hero activities begin.

Your goal is to become an S-class hero by completing missions requested by the Hero Association and citizens!

There are not only battles with monsters and criminals, but also missions such as searching for lost items and delivering deliveries.

It's even possible to meet that character!


From Hell, Fubuki

A superhero with superpowers.

Fubuki-gumi is a B-class hero faction led by him.

His older sister is Shivering Tatsumaki.

Fist Snek With Snakebite

Heroes who fight with quick movements and sharp martial arts.

In honor of his hero name, he uses the "Snake bite fist".

Sprout beard

His weapon of choice is a saber, which he wields with a tuxedo.

It has a gentlemanly appearance and makes you feel dignified.


An irresponsible spear user.

He rose from the bottom of the A class to the top within about half a year.

Ikemen Kamen Amai Mask

Popular hero with a handsome appearance.

As well as being a hero, he is a talented, actor, and singer.

Puripuri Prisoner

He is usually detained in prison as a prison hero.

Whenever a cute boy is in danger, he escapes from prison.

Metal Bat

Fighting with a metal bat, this hero wears a school uniform.

His sister has a weak side.

Tank Top Master

He is a super-strong hero who follows Tank Topper's underlings.

The source of his power is a tank top.

Metal Knight

With a full-body machine, he is a peculiar hero.

It is actually a.

Emperor's Child

He has a genius brain despite being only 10 years old.

Using the mecha he invented, he fights.

The Atomic Samurai

Hard-boiled and sympathetic hero dressed as a samurai.

Furthermore, he is a meritocrat, stating that he only recognizes the strongest.

Terrifying Tatsumaki

As an esper, he can manipulate supernatural powers and defeat monsters with his overwhelming power.

Hell's Fubuki is her older sister.


A young cyborg seeks strength to defeat the mysterious cyborg that has stolen his hometown.

Saitama's strength inspires him to become his apprentice.


During 3 years of rigorous training, a man lost his hair and gained strength.

As a hobby, he was a hero before becoming a professional.

Tiger Tank Top

Young tank topper who has made a name for himself.

His movements are similar to those of a tiger.

Rider Mumen

Cyclist for justice.

His days are spent patrolling in his beloved car, "Justice," and confronting monsters.

Tank Top Black Hole

Those who wear black tank tops possess a grip strength of 200 kilograms and can crush anything.

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