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App By:
Incontinent Cell
0.85.69 for Android
Updated On:
Jan 20, 2023
297.1 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Loneliness is considered to be the scariest thing in people's lives. If you haven't found your love yet, you can relieve your feelings with My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend APK. This provides a smart robot for the future. The plot reveals that robots are becoming more and more superior and are able to regulate human emotions. This game offers unique gameplay that allows lonely people to find new friends.

This is a visual project for an adult audience that will please any fans of explicit scenes and high-quality elaboration. The storyline and choices here allow you to build a unique adventure for the main character. There is a high-tech robot that he finds one day that is broken but can still be repaired. He lived in a world where they were forbidden. This resulted in a variety of consequences that destroyed civilization. Now the character owns such a treasure. Unpredictable events await him ahead.

What is My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend APK?

With an interesting plot, My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend APK is one of the adult character incarnation games. A future world where robots are growing and becoming explosive is the inspiration. You will transform into Anon and perform many different tasks during the game. In the beginning, you will only be able to live in wet and crowded slums. Your life seems hopeless until you discover the robot girl that was dropped by the army. A new chapter will begin in your life.

My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend APK gives you a beautiful robot girl with a hot body. There is a similarity between the appearance and the skin of real people. There are many ways in which you can use her. You have the choice. There will be many different outcomes for players based on their choices. Making the right choices will lead to great experiences. house auxiliary features will assist you in having a better experience.

The My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend APK For Android allows players to customize their own Bot. You can customize your face, hairstyle, makeup, clothes, and body shape. You can make all the changes you want in a real girlfriend. All your customization needs can be met. Additionally, you can customize the Bot's personality to suit your preferences. This new friend should be cared for and interacted with more for a more enjoyable experience.


The My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend Android APK is an adult visual novel with multiple routes and endings. The story is influenced by the choices the player makes. Choose your choices carefully, as some may lock out certain endings.

Due to the open-ended nature of the game, there are many ways to play, which the player must discover. You can play in any way you like, so experiment and have fun.

Create Your Own Bot

Once you have your bot, you can customize it to your liking. You can choose from a variety of hairstyles, skin colors, and clothing options. A variety of traits can even be selected to give her a personality.

You will see your bot evolve over time as you interact with her. The more you talk to her, the more personality she will develop. She can even be raised as a virtual pet.

It's even better if you can upgrade her individually. It includes everything from new eyes and ears to a full body makeover. The hand should match her skin and hair color, or you can go for a more unique look with mismatched colors. You have the choice.

Rich, dystopic world

My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend APK for Android creates an immersive and alive world. Hand-drawn artwork and original soundtrack are featured in the game.

The storyline is based on real-world events, and the game references current affairs and popular culture. As a result, the game has an immediacy and relevance that are rare in other visual novels.

There is more to My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend than just a love story. A game about relationships, technology, and the future of our planet. This is the game for you if you like games that make you think.

Several minigames

There are many minigames integrated into the storyline of this game. The games range from simple puzzles to more complex ones that require strategy and planning.

Not only are these minigames fun, but they also contribute to the plot and flesh out the game's world. Taking a break from the main story and exploring the world in a different way is great fun.

Features of My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend APK

This is a unique simulator game with many game mechanics you've probably never seen before: 

  • Animated sex scenes using Live2D
  • Add new parts to customize the bot to your liking
  • Aspects of survival that alter your character's perception of the world
  • Simulating the stock market in its entirety
  • Simulator for in-game streams
  • There are many easter eggs and minigames to find
  • Clothes that can be customized
  • Support for modding
  • We will have much more to say

Since a couple of people asked for an android port, we decided to build it for android as well, so the buttons will be a bit small and annoying. Sorry! It is highly recommended that you play on Windows, Mac, or Linux instead.


The sexbot market boomed in the dystopian future year of 2023. In a matter of months, their numbers surpassed the entire motor vehicle industry, and a golden age of peace was closer than ever. Sadly, a month later, an international scandal between the United States and China led to a worldwide ban on sex bots. The world would never be the same again.

Following nationwide riots, countless militias and terrorist groups formed, notably the Benign Bionist Coalition and the Incontinent Cell, both fighting for control over the remaining sexbots. In the dark web black market, the few remaining sexbots can now only be found in the deepest corners. In the years following the ban, all the sexbot factories were burned to the ground, making it impossible to get one in good condition.

In a ghetto, you are a young Anon living in poverty. You are once again left penniless after losing your job. You see a military truck almost crash into your apartment one night. The truck drives off after dropping some of its cargo into a nearby ditch. As a result, you decide to investigate. Getting closer, you can see the mystery cargo.

Is anon going to sell the sexbot and live a long and happy life? Can he pay his rent or will he freeze to death in the lonely streets of a megacity? It all depends on your actions.

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Download My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend APK (MDRG) for Android

  1. Go to “Settings” and toggle on “Unknown Sources”.
  2. Download My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend APK (MDRG) for Android.
  3. Tap on the downloaded file.
  4. Tap on “Install” by giving all the required permissions.
  5. Wait for the installation process to be completed.