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App By:
Niantic, Inc.
60.3 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 14, 2023
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Android 7.0+

Get ready for the thrill of the hunt. Start your hunting adventure today!

Become a monster hunter in the real world:

Discover and hunt some of the most formidable monsters from the Monster Hunter universe in our world. Create weapons and join forces with fellow hunters to take on larger-than-life monsters.

Hunting action carefully adapted to mobile devices:

Choose from a variety of monsters depending on your environment - Forest, Desert, or Swamp - and embark on thrilling solo hunts, or team up with fellow hunters. A simple tap-based control system and high-fidelity graphics make hunting fun from anywhere.

With the AR Camera, you can see monsters around you:

With exclusive AR Camera features, see these iconic monsters appear in the real world.

Take the hunt by storm in 75 seconds:

Would you be able to complete the hunt in 75 seconds? Become proficient with weapons, craft armor sets, and hone your skills - exploit weaknesses and utilize every element at your disposal.

Even with your phone in your pocket, you can mark monsters:

You can use Adventure Sync to track monsters while exploring your town and then bring the hunt right to your doorstep. While exploring, a Palico Paintball can mark passing monsters, allowing you to return to them later, ensuring that the action never stops.

How to Play?

Find epic monsters in your area! Monster Hunter Now is the newest mobile game in the Monster Hunter series, bringing the series' exciting monster battles to mobile devices. Experience this exciting new adventure on the go by learning how to play!

Explore Monster Hunter Now's play modes.

Take a real-world tour

A connection has been made between Monster Hunter and the world around us. Prepare to explore the outdoors, complete quests, collect materials, and fend off mighty monsters!

Hunt monsters

Are you capable of slaying large monsters within 75 seconds? With each battle, you will master various weapon types, improve your skills, and clear more time.

Upgrade your weapons & armor

Material gathering points scattered around your location in the real world include ore, monster bones, and plants. Make your weapons & armor more powerful and hunt even more dangerous monsters by forging and upgrading them.

Play multiplayer with other hunters

Monsters can be too powerful for one person to handle alone. Together with other hunters, you can take down even tougher foes!

Paintball lets you battle monsters anywhere

You found a monster while exploring that you want to hunt later? Fight that monster from wherever you want later with a Paintball.


A good weapon can make a big difference. Discover the weapons available in Monster Hunter Now!

Sword & Shield

With the Sword & Shield, you can strike fast while also blocking attacks by long pressing on your device. Hunters have relied on the Sword & Shield for years, but it also has a Special Skill "Perfect Rush Combo", which pummels monsters with powerful consecutive attacks.

Great Sword

It sometimes takes big weapons to defeat big monsters-and the Great Sword is one of the biggest. You can attack monsters with the full fury of a larger-than-life lethal blade - just a long press unleashes a powerful slash. "True Charged Slash" uses all of your strength to attack monsters with an even more powerful slash that deals massive damage.

Long Sword

Continuous attacks are possible with the Long Sword due to its speed and precision. When you attack a monster, a Spirit Gauge is charged up, which increases attack damage, but if you take damage, you lose the Spirit Gauge. "Spirit Helm Breaker" is a Special Skill that jumps and slashes from the sky, causing a large amount of damage.


Would you rather hit big things with equally big weapons? Unlike blades, the Hammer is a blunt-force weapon that will surely leave an impression on any monster you bash with it... especially if it hits it on the head. "Spinning Bludgeon" continuously deals damage while you swing the hammer around before launching an upper attack.

Light Bowgun

Stay far away from the fray and unleash a long-range barrage that will make any Barroth think twice about attacking you. You can use bullets that are effective against specific monsters depending on the blowgun you choose. Wyvernblast Counter fires a powerful bullet that causes a large explosion, dealing great damage to monsters.


This weapon excels at medium-range attacks. The player can charge up to four levels by long pressing the screen, each level unleashing different kinds of arrows. With the Special Skill "Dragon Piercer", the Hunter can release an arrow that can pierce through anything, dealing significant damage to monsters.


Find out who your enemies will be in Monster Hunter Now!

Great Jagras

A leader of a pack of Jagras. As a result of their voracious appetite, they will mercilessly attack even monsters higher up in the food chain. A sight to behold is when it devours its prey whole.


Known for its well-developed forelegs, the bird wyvern can grasp objects with ease. It has been seen plundering eggs from other monsters, but it will usually drop them in surprise if attacked. The animal is known to use sturdy rocks as weapons and shields during battle.


The body of a bird wyvern contains poisonous fluid. Brandishing its whip-like tongue, it ensnares its prey by expanding and contracting it at will. Whenever it consumes berries and plants, it releases poison breath attacks that are devastating.


Most often, this monster can be seen lurking beneath pools of mud, perhaps to shield itself from hot temperatures. It has also been known to use the mud it cloaks itself in to attack, so be careful. When disturbed in any way, the marsh rushes with reckless abandon towards the perpetrator.

Great Girros

Carnivorous monsters prowl their territory in search of prey. Through the paralytic toxins secreted from its large fangs, it takes down its target.


This fanged wyvern darts around the thickets of its forested nest. The squirrel generates static electricity by brushing its fur against nearby trees and the ground. Upon building up sufficient friction, its body hair becomes "electrified" and begins to emit light. If it appears in this manner, be especially cautious of its head and tail.


A wyvern that lives in muddy swamps. It tends to use mud as a means of camouflaging and hunting. Their scales become brittle when dehydrated and inhibit cutaneous respiration, so they coat themselves with mud in order to restore moisture. If you come across the mud that Jyuratodus spits out, be aware that its high viscosity may restrict your movement.


The body of a flying wyvern is capable of storing large amounts of air. This hardy tail can deliver crushing blows when it exhales powerfully, allowing it to travel afloat across the skies.


This brute wyvern is infamous for its belligerence and attacks all without hesitation. A large membrane extends from its waist to the base of its tail when it becomes agitated. The fan-like membrane is believed to be used not only for intimidation but also to regulate body temperature. Due to Anjanath's ability to expel flames from its mouth, the membrane has been observed to expand in tandem, releasing excess heat.


Known as the "Queen of the Land," it hurtles across the land, subduing prey with its venom-laden tail. A male Rathalos and its female counterpart have occasionally been spotted hunting together.


In swamp regions, this monster hunts Raphinos herds, preying upon them. During hunting, it emits freezing cold air that slows down its prey.


Flying wyvern with the moniker "King of the Skies." It forms its territory around its nest, keeping close watch from above. Its powerful wings allow it to swiftly descend to intercept trespassers, attacking them with its powerful, poisonous claws. Furthermore, it is well known for its ability to breathe fire.


A monster that lives in the desert and is feared for its ferocity. A distinctive twisted horn protrudes from its skull. Fiercely territorial, it attacks intruders without discrimination using its remarkable hearing while burrowing underground. Despite this, it primarily feeds on desert cacti as its primary food source.

What's New?

- The Group Hunt method using Paintballs has been changed.

- Custom equipment loadouts can now be registered.

- Hunter Medals are now acquirable.

- The "Release Celebration Pass", allowing Gems to be earned at a discount, is available at the shop!

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