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Jan 21, 2023
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Our second game is Dawn of Malice. The story is about a guy who moved to a new town. In fact, it's the one where he was born and spent most of his childhood. His romantic adventures take place there.

Dawn of Malice tells the story of a young lawyer who studied in a big city and suddenly his life turned upside down. Having quarreled with teachers, our hero quit his studies and "ran" around the metropolis in search of work before returning to his native village. Now, it is impossible to become the same, because the turbulent city life has drastically changed the worldview of the central character, and now he constantly needs attention from the opposite sex. It is the user who will begin dating and conquering girls, talking to them, inviting them on dates, completing assignments to conquer this or that beauty. Get together at different places, such as barns, homes, mills, clubs, and so on.

Dawn of Malice was an interesting experience for me. It was one of those games that I wanted to love so badly. I didn't have a horrible time with it or anything like that. Despite that, there were many things about the game I would have liked even more if they had been tweaked. My best advice is to look at the screenshots and if the art style appeals to you, give it a go.

About Dawn of Malice APK

You decide to return to the city where you were born after your father moved to another country. You will find love, friendship, and plenty of sex there.

A unique feature of Dawn of Malice is that you can choose your moral alignment at the beginning, giving you UNIQUE gameplay options.

In this game, there is no going back from your actions.

Features of Dawn of Malice APK

  • A detailed drawing showing all the details and locations;
  • Plot lines that are unobtrusive;
  • Different ways to complete quests and freedom of choice;
  • There are hundreds of locations with riddles and dozens of girls;
  • Achievements are cool, and updates are periodic.

You are becoming a Chad!

While the plot of the game doesn't make a lot of sense, it does have a couple of interesting ideas. Your dad has been offered a new job in another country, but you do not want to accompany him. Your decision is to move back to your hometown and into a new house. The cool thing about this house is that you can decide what your relationship is with the two female characters. Also, you can decide what kind of guy you want to be, which is basically an asshole or a white knight.

Your Legs Have Power!

Dawn of Malice has very one-dimensional characters, which makes it quite hilarious. Your friend Chad, who is literally Chad from the meme, is the best character, not one of the sexy girls. My personal favorite is the goth chick, who has multiple female love interests in the game. Even though they may appear to have different personalities at first. In the end, they have an irresistible urge to jump your bones, and that's pretty much all they get in terms of character development.

Total Drama

It was the look of Dawn of Malice that originally drew me to it. This hand-drawn cell shaded art style that they have going on here is my favorite. In addition to the great characters, I enjoyed the lewd content of the game. Even the less XXX stuff was done well thanks to the clever use of "pervy" camera angles that let the viewer get up close and personal with many of the characters. It will ultimately be the art of the game that will either compel you to keep playing it or make you decide after ten minutes that you have had enough.

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